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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Get your spy gear on...

Pst boys...... Ok let's get back at those girls for spying on us boys

{Pst...... Shhhhh......}

as many of yous knows...... {Shhhh quiets please}

the Sunflower Girls Club is having a camp outs.

{Shhhh keep it downs boys. They might hears us.}

Okay so here is the scoops.......

I organized several of these for all the boys in the Firehydrant Club

We have them parked under some shrubs abouts a block downs.

{everypuggy quiets please...... Anakin, quiet backs there}

We are creeping around the camps right nows. We are all camouflaged rights now. Hidings in the bushes.
(I also organized us all with gear.)

{Psst....... Boys yous gotta keeps it down......SSHHHHH.... otherwise they will catch us... Anakin stop talking}

Let's do our gear check
{Murphy, Duke quiet... they might hears you SHHHH}

Walkie Talkie - Check
Night Vision Goggles - Check
Camouflage Back Pack filled with supplies - Check
Listening Devices - Check

Ok boys...... spreads out but PLEASE be QUIETS about it. Team up in your assigned pairs.

Report backs here in an hour. Let's see what is going on at the girls camp outs!



  1. Winston I thoughts I saw you! I am going to tell Tuni and Wilma....sneaky boys!



  2. It's Izzy and Josie!!

    Shamey Shame shames!! We knew its!! Knew its!!

    We totally saw Stubby and "Emma" butt we couldn't be for sure, we thoughts.. Butt now I know!!
    we did see yous guys!! It was YOUS!!

    Oh it's on boYz!! just wait for yous fire fartz hydrants meeting!! You'll see!!!

    IzZY and JO-JO

  3. Psst..
    Winstons dude...

    It's Anakin Man heres.. Me's sisters are plotting sometings!! Josie only signs Jo-Jo whens shes up to sometings!! Ut oh's..
    Start 'da damage controls!!
    Emergency meeting needed!! Callin' all FHF to Duty Stat!!

    Anakin Man

  4. Anonymous02:18

    Ha ha ha! Winston, you are too funny! Those girls are really going to be surprised!!!

  5. Oh boy! This sounds like fun!!

  6. Dude...I thought me and Toby were parts of your club...maybe mama forgot to sign us up.
    -George and Toby Slimmer :)

  7. Winston,
    This here is Sluggo. Listen, I am sick and tired of these girls thinking they are so smart. They are running around saying us Fire Hydrant Boys will never trick them, cuz they are way smarter than us. And they are teasing me because I made Mommy come and get me Saturday night from my Grammy's. Well I'm not gonna take it anymore. Whatever it takes Winston, I am willing to do it. We will show these Sunflower Seeds who's boss. what do you say, let's get devious.

  8. Hi Winston!

    Sneaky, sneaky! I wonder what the pug ladies
    are going to be talking about at camp.
    Find out, and get back to us.

    -Dana & Daisy

  9. Winston, Dude....all you had to do was ask and those hot mess girls would have just posed for you.

    I'm telling you....the tunes were spinnin' and it was like a "Pugs Gone Wild" video in there!!!

    Next time dude....

    (a.k.a. DJ Salisbury SteakButts)

  10. Winston
    And I saw you boys sneaking around down by the marshmellow and the campfire,
    I knew I recognized you!

  11. hi everyone's it is me emmitt in my ninja suit which works like "Spanks" under my "emma" dress. :)

    i will get to go to sunflower camp one way or the other and looks good too!



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