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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Recovery

Hello everypuggy and hope everyone had a good Christmas.

This week I have a guest, Dickens. He is staying with me until next weekend. His Dad went to Mexico, without him I mights add. I told him not to worry, Mum goes there lots withouts me!!

Anyways withouts further delay heres........ Dickens!

Hi me Dickens here. Winston has let me recap Christmas as I am the house guest this week.

Lets start with Christmas Eve. I arrived with my bags filled with toys, presents, food, towel, dog bed.... well you get the picture.

After Winston's Mum got back from Church we helped with last minute wrapping.

Winston picked the paper and I was in charge of bows

Tika oversaw the entire procedure

Here I am checking a bow

Whoops, hang on... one went under the bed. I'll get it guys.

After a good sleep we woke to Christmas morning and "the Christmas Hat"

Winston in the hat

Me in the hat, Hey Dad.... how cute am I???

Winston could not contain himself and got in trouble several times for attacking the gifts before breakfast.
Finally we got the go ahead to commence opening!

Winston started with this big box..... he said it was from Tuni and Sequoia

Here is WInston and his Dad. See that toy there.... that is what Tuni gave him and he went nuts with it for hours!

(Tuni.... Winston heres, thanks for the duck, I just luv luv luv it!!! XO)

Me and Winston's Mum

Winston hogging the toys. That is my stocking on the floor by his feet.

TIka arrives to open her presents

OMP Winston got a sock monkey chew toy!!!!!!!

I guard the sock monkey toy from the girls.... they may fight over the monkey bed but the toy is for us pugs!

I take 5 by the tree and play with a Christmas toy
(sorry pic is a little dark.... someone forgot to turn on the flash!)

Look at what Winston put on my head!!! Squeeze me I squeak! BOL
(funny joke WInston.... just you wait til you see my joke to Winston!)

Tika inspects the room and decides it is too messy and chaotic for her.
She told Kizzy not to bother getting up outta the sock monkey bed!
Tika left to join her sister.

The room after the present opening.
It was still morning and it was just us two pugs and the two pawrents.
no wonder Tika and Kizzy stayed upstairs!

[PST...... The Mum here, let's make it clear that Winston made most of this mess!]

The guests all arrived and we had a huge dinner.
After dinner we hung out by the fire relaxing

Here we are again getting back scritches from Uncle Martin

And finally after the long day and hours of playing with the new toy from Tuni...... 
Winston crashed!

BOL.... I took that last pic of my buddy totally out colds!
(Sorry Winston I just could not resist showing this one off.
Let's just say pay back for the "squeeze me" sticker!)

Anyway that is a wrap! BOL get it! A wrap!!! as in wrapping paper!!! BOL

Winston heres..... ok that's enough Dickens, that isn't funny it is silly, pft it is a wrap, whatever!!

Until the next post

House Guest Dickens with buddy Winston
over and out


  1. hee hees... the squeeze me sticker was funny's!!

    We loves yous Sock Monkey toy and Duckie~
    Too Cute!!

    Yous pawrents are adorables~
    Yous got lots of pressies.. Santa Mans was good to you alls too!

    We's enjoyed 'da posty!!
    Josie, IzZY, TriXie and Anakin Man (s'up)

  2. What a mess you made, but it looks like you had so much fun!
    You are right about the snow. Very inconvenient. Thank goodness mom is understanding and for potty pads. But it's supposed to be near 60 on New Year's Eve. That's more like it!

    Glad you and Dickens had a good time!

  3. hi winston!
    oh my gosh!
    what a wonderful holiday you all had!
    i loved seeing all of your photos!
    m & e

  4. What a great recap of Christmas Dickens! It looks like you had lots of fun. There's no way your dad is having as much fun in Mexico!

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  5. Anonymous11:16

    Hi Winston (and Dickens),

    Looks like you guys had quite the Christmas there! I think we'd have to stay with the girls cuz you guys were pretty wild!

  6. What a nice Christmas day! Such fun having a house guest :)
    Maddy and Owen

  7. What a wonderful Christmas!! We are laughing at the sticker on Winston's head! So funny :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  8. Winston and Dickens hi boys its Sequoia heres! Look at the mess from all the fun...that is so me! Ok Tuni times....Hellos Winston! I am so glad you liked the duck toy. I really love my beaver squeaker toy is so small it fits in my mouth and I squeak squeak it all day long. Ok Mom takes it away because I get all worked up abouts it, something about not breathing hee hee! Happy Holidays!


  9. Neato! so glad you had a good Christmas!

  10. Holy crap...what a MESS! You boys should blame those C*TS for all that nonsense!

    VERY nice presents...and we'd totally squeeze you ANYtime!!!


  11. Hi my sweet friends, I came to . I came ro check on you and see how your Christmas was. You had lots of fun, and lots of pressys.
    I like your socky monkey toy...... does he eat much?
    Loved all your photos!
    Such a special Christmas,, and pressies from Tuni and Sequoia too


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