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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Green Stubby Report - The Kitchen Cloth

Hello everykitty, Kizzy heres, with Winston.

Today we decided to do our Green Stubby Report.

(Winston wanted to post abouts the Winter Pug Party pics from last Sunday but Mum says it is that time for the Green Stubby Report so.......... the Pug Party pics will haves to waits to next times.)

Ok so this months we talks about Kitchen Cloths. Today I have Winston to assist me in this discussion.

You all know it..... if yous have a kitchen and food bowls you alls have ones..... 
yup that gross wet dirty bacteria luving Kitchen Cloth!

Well the other day while Mum was grocery shopping at the Real Canadian Superstore, she founds this!

(No... not the gray cat with the black twist tie by her foot!)

Vileda Naturals Kitchen Cloths.
In fact, Vileda has a whole line of "green products" click here to see more.

Inside the package you get two heavy duty cloths. Mum says the package costs somethings like $3 (canadian)

What is cool about the cloths???

Takes a look.... they are made from "renewable resources"

Here is what one looks like. Winston double checks the packaging and he says "they are very earth friendly"".

Here is the back of the package.
Click to biggify if needed.

Now Mum liked this idea as they are large and durable, machine washable, made from RENEWABLE SOURCES and unlikes traditional kitchen cloths..... they dry quickly when left to hang.
(This last part is great news as Mum hates soggy cold bacteria filled dishcloths.)

Winston models with one to shows us once more, what they looks like.....

Mum only found them in the white and green pattern.

Here they are in action......

Mum using one to clean my "princess placemat"

Mum using one to clean Winston's water dish.

We have already machine washed one (after Mum spilled coffee on the rug.... she doesn't want to talks about it!) [But I did score a cool twist tie outta that terrible accident!]
The cloth really holds up well and is stain free after washing!!!

Yup, we gives this product 2 dew claws up!

Now off I go to play with my new black twist tie
(from our new carpet cleaner machine..... again.....
Mum doesn't want to talks about it right nows!)

And that concludes this months editions of
The Green Stubby Reports.

Tune in next month when we discuss Earth Friendly Pet Spa Products.

Purrs out
Kizzy and her assistant Winston


  1. Hello's!! Okays.. first.. we's got yous comment yesterdays 'bout 'da cardy exchange and we's pee-s mails yous... butt we's not sure yous got its?

    Second.. yous bloggy seems to be running slower and we's got kicked outs couple times..

    Okays.. we's can't wait to see photos of yous at 'da meet ups..

    Okays.. before we's eat up all yous bloggy page..
    'da Momma uses sponge and puts it in microwave to kill 'da germs.. hers gets lots of use out of it's 'dat ways...
    Momma saves 'da moneys..
    (more treat moneys for 'da Josie.. :) hee hees)
    tanks for 'da info~

  2. Hi Winston..
    my moms will look for these,, next time she goes to the shopping store.
    Did you try to eat one yet? I try to eat everything

  3. Anonymous14:40

    Hi Kizzy,

    That's a super product. We think that twist tie is cool too......jane tries to eat twist ties so we're not allowed to have them. We give you two paws up and headbutts for the Green Stubby report!


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