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Monday, December 20, 2010

All Mum wants for Christmas is.......

Hello everypuggy

Me, Tika and Kizzy are going to be writing out letters to Santa tonight! Mum says she is thinkings of writing one too. She says her letter would go something like this.

Dear Santa,

I will make this short and to the point. I am asking for one of two options here!

The only thing I ask for this year is....... 2 MORE SOCK MONKEY BEDS!

I know this is last minute and may not be possible. I would appreciate a huge effort on your part in seeing that you exhaust all efforts of getting us those 2 beds before we resort to option 2.

This is option 2
Since there will be no additional sock monkey beds delivered on Dec. 24, I will leave our current sock monkey bed by the fireplace. Once the stockings are filled I would appreciate you taking that sock monkey bed with you.

Santa, the situation in our house is this........

the addition of the 2 beds to our household would forever save my sanity from bickering felines and a pug over who gets to sleep in the sock monkey bed. If we can't get 2 more then having none will also stop the bickering as... THERE WON'T BE ONE!

I am sure you know understand my dilemma and look forward to seeing 2 new sock monkey beds under the tree on Christmas morning.

The Mum

PEE-S Choose your option wisely Jolly Red Man. Do you really want us to have NO sock monkey beds?

Now in case this doesn't convince Santa that Mum's request is legit here are pics to prove the point.

Good Luck Santa

WInston Wilburs


  1. I am sure when Santa reads this letter he will know how very important this wish is!
    Be sure to leave out some extra cookies,, to persuade him.
    Maybe I should send him a letter too,,, I would do anything for my friends.

  2. Sure hope Santa goes for option 1!

  3. hee hees... 'da bloggy is rolling and scrolling by it's self.. it kicked Josie out.. den Josie almost posted comment on yous last posty..

    Josie wants a pony so I totally understand...
    Momma said 'dat alls 'dere is around us's are snoopy beds... hers is waiting from 'dem to come outs wits woodstock or franklin 'da turtle..
    Or evens a puggie..hee hees

    We's keep our eyeballs open for yous.. butt we's haven't seen a sock monkey bed since 'da late summertimes... :(

    Butt yous never know!!
    'da Josie

  4. Oh option number twos! My Walgreens gots windows and lights soon it will have sock monkey beds and we can finds you two mores!! What abouts a snoopy bed like Josie says? A woodstock bed would be funnys for the girls hee hee. Good lucks!

    Hugs to Winston Woons from Tuni Woons ;)

  5. Oh Winston, I hope Santa brings 2 sock monkey beds. Everypuggy needs a sm bed of his or her OWN! Love Noodles

  6. I am FOR more sock monkey beds!


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