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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Sunflower Social Recap & FHC for Boys updates

Hello everyone,
Kizzy here!

A little meowy at Mum for having us post the girls and boys club in one post!
All cuz of work!
 **insert raspberry here**


Tika and I got back late on Sunday night from our fabulous weekend with the Sunflower Sisters. We arrived home in style.....  hot air balloon style.
We got totally inspected and interrogated by our sausagey brother but......
he got nothing outta us!

Us girls managed to unveil the new secret hide out for the FHC! Those fire hose boys are gonna be so surprised when they see Sunflowers growing outside their clubhouse!
Thanks again to Wilma for hosting the party of the year!
We were lacking sleep...... and still are!
so back to lounging we go.

Cheek Kisses
T & K



Pssst boys 

Quiet everyones, don't let them girls hear us! 

Ok first offs....
New Member! 

Welcome Archie to the club!
He is our yougest member to date so please everyone help show him the ropes.

Next meeting will be held at our new location.
The clubhouse was completed last week.
Nice and hidden, this clubhouse location is!!
Come see me, Sluggo or Anakin after the meeting for the directions and map

At ou meeting next week, we will get the update from Sluggo on what exactly went down at the social  them Cornflower (good description for them, thanks Anakin) girls hads last weekend! 

Over and outs
Winston Wiburs
Keep mark'in em boys



  1. Hi Tika and Kizzy!
    I am so glad you all joined the Sunflower Club. You girls really know how to party. Plus, you really did a great job at distracting that pesky BEE!

    :::activate spy filters:::
    Sluggo is still buzzing around trying to infiltrate the clubhouse. One thing I am sure of, is that he has no clue about the planting of the you know what's, you know where. I did hear him say something about a fire hose meeting next week. Funny, the blog title says there is a FHC for boys update, but I can't see a thing. You girls hear anything?
    Over and out for now

    :::spy filters deactivate:::

  2. Hi Winston,
    This here is Sluggo. A great big welcome to Archie the Kid! I know he is gonna make a great addition to the Club. We'll show him how to throw down like a real Fire Hydrant Fellow!
    ### spy filters triple activated###

    Geesh, them girls are a pain. They are making it real hard for me to get any intel. But don't worry, I will have my full report ready in time for the next meeting. I seem to be short a couple of maps to the new clubhouse. could I get some more copies?

  3. Your right it was a fabulous weekend!

  4. installing super sensitive spyware....
    running program>>
    scanning for CornFlowers<<<>>>>
    No security breach found-

    :::Triple filtration mode activated:::
    Psst, Winston - it's me's Anakin,
    Me tinks Wilma is on to me's-
    Her's may be on to Sluggo's too-

    Me sissy's are on to me's- dey eye balling me's and hiding notes in me peanutty butter jars 'dat says "we know where you club is you big dope"
    and it's all cut out in magazine type letters!!!!

    We must be careful and proceed wits caution-
    okays, me wants to welcome Archie!! Him cool dude!

    Okays- spy filter down-
    me sissy's are coming

    Anakin Man

  5. Tika and Kizzy-
    It's Josie and TriXie and IzZY-
    you have to get your secret sunglasses to read 'dis message-

    @-@ Our bro Anakin has lost his mind-
    him is ordering nite vision gogs and all other kinds of weird gadgets- we must continue to plant sunflowers and not alert 'dem of our plan-
    hee hee hee

    SunFlower Hugs,
    IzZY, Josie and TriXie

    it's gone so far 'dat he even put his face on our comment- 'da nerve

  6. Hi Winston!

    Ooh your next boys club meeting looks like it's
    going to be fun. I bet you and Archie are going to
    have a blast.

    Daisy and I hope you have a great week!

    -Dana & Daisy


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