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Friday, May 06, 2011


Shesh, Mum has been so busy with works this week that we feel neglected! She says that blogging will have to waits til the weekend..... 


I am so growly at Mum cuz I haven't been by to leave comments for my friends either, specially my Tuni-woons!!!!!

Mum saids...
"cool your jets Winston.... more hours of works means more money for toys and snacks"

Maybe if I give Mum my super "feel sorry for me super duper sad face" she will cave in.

NOPE! she just went out the door to works!

Winston Wilburs and the girls!


  1. Aww! Winston, I don't see how see could've resisted that face! Sometimes I just don't get our humans...

  2. Anonymous10:30

    Sheesh winston, I know exactly how you feel. I'd almost be willing to go on a cookie strike if mum would just stay home with me during the day. maybe if she did that she'd even get caught on my very neglected blog.

  3. Winston Woonies I feel you pain. Mom was gone all week (and weekend) at this place called work. She has 2 jobs now and thinks this will be a good thing...we think not. Well at least she has this weekend off to snuggles with me (and sequoia whatevers). I hope you get some extra snuggles with your Mum too.,

    Tuni Woons

  4. Dude, we know how you feel. Between work and school, mom barely has time to make our food, wash our clothes, pet us constantly. It's ridiculous.

  5. Winston
    When your mama comes home and sees that super duper sad face,,, well I just know she will give in and maybe at least give you a kiss.
    My mommy says the same things.... excuses ,excuses

  6. Oh me nerves!! How could hers Winston!! Me Momma leaves me too and me puts me paws on me faces like kid from home alone movie-

    me calls long distances and eats peanutty butters right out of jar- 'dat'll show hers!

    -Okays, spy filter activated___:::___boop boop
    warning::: Tika and Kizzy may be reading-
    super filtration mode`~`[ psst- we's need meeting Winston- 'dem cornflower sisters are up to no good! Me just knows it- Me heards talk of 'dem plotting stuffs- we need Sluggo bee on 'da case]

    spy shield down-

    know 'dis informations and try to act normallys around yous sissy's
    me do 'da same around mine-


  7. Hello my friends,

    I come here to wish you a happy and sunshine
    weekend with your family.
    Woof, woof,



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