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Monday, May 23, 2011

Cat Chat with Kizzy

Oh Hi everyone!
Kizzy here today

I have taken control of the computer. Winston is off planning and preparing for the next Fire Hydrant Club for Boys meeting. Tika is off spying trying to get info on what was in Sluggo's report.

So today I am here to Cat Chat about Catnip gardens.

Tika and I have a catnip garden specially designed for us.

(Mum here.......  Ok... hold on Kizzy...... tell them how you got this garden!!)

Oh yah right.... I wouldn't stop rolling on and flattening the plants in that section of the garden, so after numerous plant deaths and lots of "KIZZY NOOOO!"  Mum fenced off a special area for me us.

Today I decided to stroll on out and lounge around in the garden.

Ahhh I luv to feel the sun on my belly.

All I need now is a cool drink with one of those umbrellas in it.

Right next to the catnip garden is Mum's NEW lavender garden.
(used to be the veggies, we will post about that disaster some other time)
So while I lounge and roll around on catnip with the sun on me I also experience the scent of lavender.

It is so very relaxing that
I then sauntered over to the patio for some relaxing back rolls

 Roll to the right.....

Then roll to the left.....

Throw in a nice stretch and a bit of a wash......

Yup life is great when you are a cat with a catnip garden!

Do any of you cats out there have a catnip garden?

Cheek Kisses


  1. Wow! Your own garden! Looks very relaxing :) We want our own garden too!
    Maddy and Owen

  2. What a relaxing garden! Keep us posted on the news that Tika spies.

  3. Hahahaha....Kizzy the stoner!!!!!

    Enjoy your drug garden!!!!! (Mom is LOLing right now!)


  4. Your backyard looks like a spa, Kizzy. Maybe we can have a spa weekend there, just us girls? Facials, pawdicures, massages, and drinks of course!

    Momma is going to plant lavender and maybe even catnip even though we don't have a plant. She is getting all herbal on me and says that catnip is good for keeping away the mosquitoes.


  5. Ah, you look so happy out in your fancy garden! The strange thing is that I prefer dried-up catnips!

  6. Anonymous07:56

    If my Mum adopted a cat like you, I would be soooo happy. Cats are the best! Well...after pugs.

  7. You really have a nice garden! I need to convince my human bean to get me some real live catnip for our garden.

  8. Our mom is laughing over this too, especially in light of Derry's recent nip fest in our little garden. Haha.


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