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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fire Hydrant Clubhouse

Hi Boys thanks for meeting me heres. Okay has everyone arrived?
Ok follow me I will show you the way to our newly built clubhouse.

Oh and keep your eyes peeled for GIRLS!

Ok follow me down this short private roadway.....

Ok everyone we takes this gravel path that was on our right  and goes right to the end.....
Come on keep ups.......

 Ok so we take this path thru the archway.....

 into the woods along this boardwalk......

Look for the break in the trees and take the dirt path on the left......
Are you still with me? almost theres....
 When you get to the bridge.... go underneath and take the very short trail to the right.....

The overgrown bushes give way to this clearing.....

 Ok see on the left theres?
See the tree and the low shrubs.......
We will head toward that and just around the corner in front of the tree is our new clubhouse!
Follow me.......
Tad dah! heres we are!

WAIT A MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!
Well this is a bit disturbing? How did the girls know where the clubhouse was?

**boys all shuffle into the clubhouse**

Ok Sluggo has a power point presentation on the spying he did at the girls  Ice Cream Social back in April.
Here is the report......
Well that explains how they found our new clubhouse and planted those sunflowers....
That is okays we will get our revenge just them waits!

Ok before we wrap this up and go out and enjoy the sunset view from our patio I want to remind you all that coming in September is our annual boys retreat.
 Any ideas and suggestions for activites can be submitted before Aug 20th,
We can also plan out our next spy tactic at that retreat!

** boys shuffle outside**
Gorgeous view and sunset tonight!

Does anyone need a map to get back to the parking lot?

Until our next meeting...
Keep marking em boys!
**Spy Filters Deactivated**
Winston Wilbur


  1. Never underestimate those Sunflower Gals!

  2. Hellos Winston, thank you for hosting this meeting. I have taken a super sonic shuttle from our vacation home on the Cape to attend. I will return and deal with those Sunflower Sisters of mine when I get back. I was thinking, we have been taking strolls in the surf at low tide, there is an island that I can lead the girls out to, and then they will be stranded and won't be able to get to our club. I have also procured a machete' and will take down those Sunflowers on our way out and make bird food out of them. Can't wait for our retreat. Maybe we could do some extreme zip lining!

  3. Those Sunflower girls always seem to be a step ahead of us!

    We will see if we can pry any info on the Sunflowers out of Ellie!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  4. Beautiful pictures

  5. Hi Winston! I really like that first picture of you...very handsome.

  6. I found the clubhouse, I found the clubhouse, and I am a GIRL! Woohoo!

  7. Gee Winston
    How did I miss this?
    This was total awsomeness, if I do say so myself!
    Quite the detective you are!

  8. Anonymous21:31

    I totally *adore* that first shot of the wee man. And I was wondering...I know that Lola's a girl, and all...a Princess, in fact...but she *does* pee like a boy sometimes. Does that qualify her as an honourary, sometimes, non-attending FHC member?


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