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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back Home..... Mexico Post card anyone?

Hello everypuggy!

I am backs! Well Mum is backs which means I am backs on the computer. Phew what a long weeks I hads. Dad and I did some great stuffs. Mum even commented on how the house wasn't too much of a man-cave upon her returns! I went on walks with Dad and spent the night at my pug pal, Dickens', home. Dad had school and had study so I spent time lounging while thinking of my Tuni.

Before I go any furthers.... if you are interested in a post cards from me, Mum brought some backs for me to send to my blog friends. Email me you address if you wants one, or leave me a comments.

I now forgive mum for going aways when I saw that she returned with some Mexican snacks for me.
Here I am having my new snacks, Barky's Beef strips, while mum has coffee from her new mug she gots.

This is a picture of the place Mum stayed at. It is one of the few pictures she has as this was taken on her blackberry and not her camera. (see note below)

Mum went to a town called Bucerais. She luved it there. There is a place there called Sandrina's, (You gotta check out their website!) that Mum luved to eats at. The owners are originally from Victoria BC..... Anyways they had a pug named Rosie! And the owner's sister had two pugs as well!

This is Rosie with her brother Jimmy!
Naturally Mum was all over the pugs and luved seeing them all.

Dad and I went to get Mum last nights from the Plane place. Here I am waitings for her.

Here I am in the car heading homes. At first Mum put me in the back seat but later I insisted on sitting on her lap insteads.

One last picture of Mum..... My auntie gave Mum a pug card while they were in Mexico.
Look at what Mum did with its! Mum is funnys.

that is all for nows.

The sad news is that at the check in at the Puerto Vallarta airport, the procedure is to manually have your luggage inspected by check in employees, before it is weighed and sent on the conveyor belt to the planes. Mum was very suspicious of the guy that inspected the luggage, when he enquired if there were any electronics, cash or jewellery in the luggage. Mum has been to Mexico many times and never had this question before. They also thought it odd that he insisted on taking the luggage to the check in counter and that he specifically insisted on a certain counter. Once Mum gots home she noticed that her camera had been removed from the camera case that was in her luggage. It is now realized that the check in guy and the baggage checker were working togethers in stealing from luggage! They stole her camera and all her pictures that were on it.... are now gones! She is now in the process of submitting a claims to West Jet loss prevention regarding the incident.


  1. Winston...your backs! I am so glads to see new pictures of your sweet face. I too insist on sitting on my Moms lap when in the car...Sequoia gets the boot to the back seat BOL! I hopes your Mom gave you lots of belly rubs. And we are so mad at the luggage checkers...I would be so sad too loosing the pictures. We hope your Mom gets something back from that company.


  2. Hey Winston!!!

    We are so glad to hear that your Mommy is back. Oh how we missed hearing from yous. Did ya see little Tuni's bloggy yesterday??? She's been thinking of yous too!!!
    Looks like your Mommy had a great time! We want a post card!!! We will have to e-mail our address over to you guys!!!
    Sorry about your Mommys camera. But on the brighter side of things, at least your Daddy didn't man-cave the place ups!!! Hee Hee Hee. How are those crazy kitties??? Tika and Kizzy? Did they behaves too?
    We likes the new scrap bloggy page. Mommy did one too.
    So glads yous are back!!!
    Your friends,
    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  3. So glad that your Mum had a good time on vacation! Too bad that her camera had to get stolen though :(

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  4. The trip sounded awsome and fun and exciting.
    And then I read the awful part about the stealers.
    Bad, bad people in the world, and I would go pee in their shoe if I could find them

  5. Winston,
    You must be so happy to have your Mom back. Good thing you have trained her to bring home presents for you.
    That stinks about her camera. My Mom had hers taken during a trip to Jamaica. Stupid theives.

  6. Hi Winston!

    Penny and I are glad your mom had
    fun on her trip. We can't believe
    the luggage checkers stole the
    camera! Not sexy of them at
    all. I'm sure your glad
    to have your mom back

    Penny and I hope you are having a
    great week!

    -Dana & Penny

  7. Hi Winston! I'm so glad you're finally back. I know you had a great time with your dad but I know you really missed your mom.

    I can't believe the airport people stole your mom's camera. That is just awful! How can people being so mean and heartless? Hopefully, the airline will do something for your mom.

    Love the new bloggie look. Very cool!

    Stubby xoxo


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