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Friday, January 07, 2011

Tokens of Friendships + gratefulness

January means a fresh start, a new year.
While many set resolutions we stop to reflect on what we have and how grateful we are.

As we change our pug calendar to a new year and month, we think how it feels that time goes by so very fast.
(a calendar we bought with the help of blogging friends)

The one project to do, that was planned for the new year, was to take all the items from the "Pug Shelves" and place them into a book.

As we start in on the project we stop and consider what it is we have in front of us.....

Tokens of friendship from a community of bloggers.
People we have never met in person but have created friendships with.

Grateful - for us, we are grateful for these friends and what they mean to us.

As we place each item into the book we pause to reflect how each person we came to know and how they have changed our lives.

Then we stop at one in particular.

Just minutes before completing the book we received devastating news.

Our friend Stubby passed away today.

We have never met face to face but we had created a long distance friendship.

He and Michele inspired us to create The Green Stubby reports in his honour.

We are deeply saddened by the news. No one can live forever.... we all know that but when the time comes it is still so very shocking and sad.

In our time of blogging we have experienced several losses.

All friends made through our blog community.
Many who have a token in our book.

As we complete the book we close the cover.

We contemplate for a while of the people we have met. How they have touched our lives.

Grateful for our friendships and for new ones yet to be made.


Always remembered.


  1. Your words have touched our heart. Your tribute to Stubby is so loving.
    We cannot stop crying... we just cannot.

  2. Our eyes have been leaky since we heard the news this afternoon too!

    Stubby was a great friend and we'll be sure to keep his memory alive and remember all the fun we had with him!

    Your tribute is SO sweet! Stubby would LOVE it (and he would TOTALLY love that you saved all the valentines in a scrapbook instead of trashing them to wind up in a landfill!!!)


  3. What a beautiful post to include a tribute to Stubby. How thankful I am grateful to Michele for giving us the chance to get to of known him through his blog and on FB. He is permanently engraved in my heart!

  4. Winston,
    This is such a beautiful tribute to Stubby. How wonderful that you have such a special treasure to remember him by. We will all miss him dearly. I hope you continue the Stubby Report in his honor.

  5. We are very sorry to hear that Stubby has passed. It's a pretty neat idea to make a scrapbook for your blogging friends though. That way they are never forgotten.


  6. We're so sorry to hear about your sweet friend, Stubby.

  7. oh what a beautiful post and tribute to sweet stubby.
    we love you with all of our hearts and are so lucky to have you.

  8. What a beautiful tribute~

    We are very sorry and saddened to hear about his loss~

    His did touch many lives and have many friends~

    He had a big heart and kind smile~

    His parents cared for him deeply and gave him a great life~

    We all are hurting over this~

    Our thoughts and prayers are with his family~

  9. Winston, I really love this post. I miss Stubby so much, and you are right... the friendships and love within this community are worth any of the hurting. It's so nice that we can all carry the sadness together in times like this.

    Thanks for being such a great friend.


  10. This is such a sweet post.
    Stubby was a special pug.
    He left a giant paw print behind him.
    We will miss him.

    -Dana & Daisy

  11. I was wondering if I could come sit with you for a few minutes.. Do you have a waterfall or a little creek that we can sit together and just be together while our hearts mend? Can i sit with you?


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