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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Announcing....... "Sweater Day, The Green Stubby Way" Contest

Finally..... the contest we have all been waiting fors.
February 17th, 2011

We have been spending lots of times preparing for this event.

With the passing of our beloved friend Stubby we thought long and hard as to whether we should carry on the Green Stubby Reports. The feed back from friends was that YES it should continue.
Most importantly Stubby's Momma said yes.

We have decided to celebrate the life of Stubby and our planet by holding this contest.

All those who knew Stubby can help celebrate by pawticipating in this event.
For those who did not know him he would have been thrilled to have you pawticipate.
You can stop by Stubby's blog to experience the "life of Stubby".

Spread the word!
Show Stubby how much this planet means to you.
Let him know that he may be gone in body but
not forgotten in spirit.

Get your sweaters out!!!!

Ok here are the details.
Contest is open to all bloggers.
You can be a cat, dog, hamster, bird, horse, human....
you get the idea!
(You just have to be able to wear a sweater.)

The "Who"
 The Canadian World Wildlife Fund is holding a National Sweater Day on Feb. 17
Click Here to see more details

We have decided to promote and pawticipate in this event.
We are changing this event from National to International!

We will have one Grand Prize to draw for BUT......
all other pawticipants will receive a small gift.

The "Why"
Two reasons for this event.
• We honour and celebrate the life of our friend Stubby
• To help our planet stay cool and be greener.
• To show everyone that we support a healthy planet
By turning down your thermostat for one day, you help contribute to reducing greenhouse emissions.

The "When"
This happens on February 17th, 2011
It is an all day event!

The "What" 
What yous needs to do......
1) On February 17th, turn down your thermostat by 3º

 2) Gets out your sweater and put its on

 3) Have someone takes pictures of you in your sweater

4) Do a post on your blog about  you in your sweater. You must mention that you are pawticipating in "sweater day" 

5) Stop by my blog to either comment to me or email me that you have posted and want to enter the contest.

6) we will stop by your blog to check out your entry

8) On February 18th all entries will be put in a hat and a name drawn for the grand prize. As mentioned above, all other entrants will receive a small prize.    

**we will contact you after the contest to obtain your mailing address.**

ok now onto the grand prize!!!!
Here is a pictures of the grand prize.
The name drawn will receive all this!!
okays so let's gets a closer looks at each item in the prize 
 1lb of medium roast FREE TRADE ORGANIC coffee.
Roasted in Canada by a Local Canadian Company

A package of biodegradable dog poop waste bags
{Mum wants me to points out heres that you can use them for
anything not just poop. Mum uses them for when scooping the litter box.}
Produced and sold by a Local Canadian Company

A package of mesh reusable vegetable bags. Contains 3 small and one large bags.
You may remember we did a Green Stubby Report a while backs on mesh veggie bags
Produced in Canada by a Local Canadian Company
 Scentuals Body Products
Olive Oil Natural body and hand lotion,
Oats and Honey natural soap
Peppermint Natural lip balm
These products are 100% natural and made with mostly organic ingredients.
Made in Canada by a Local Canadian Company

Milk chocolate letters that spell "Stubby"
Made by a Local Canadian Company
Last but not least...
a reusable shopping bag
with a cutes picture of a dog on its
 here it is spread outs

It easily folds ups to this when not in use
this product is produced by an American Company

So you can see a theme heres, rights....
all are either reusable, environmentally friendly, free trade, or organic.
All, except one, are sold by a locally owned Canadian Company.
This grand prize is worth over $65 Cdn.

**All other pawticipants will get a small surprise gift just for pawticipating!**

Let's all pay tribute to our earth and
the memory of Stubby!
If anyone has any questions please email or comment us.
We will do a follow up post a few days before the event.
Winston Wilbur
Tika Daisy
Kizzy Willow


  1. What a great way to honor our buddy Stubby, and show some love to the planet! I won't have my computer with me on the 17th, so I won't be able to participate.... I'll be north of the border, in Canada, but the eastern part of your fair country! I can't wait to see all the participants! I know dear Stubby and his mom will be so proud of everyone, and of course of you guys!

  2. Count me in.
    This is a great way to honor Stubby.
    I knew something was coming - soon-- i just did not know what.
    Now I know, and I am excited.

  3. So glad to see your going to still do the green stubby reports :)
    Stubby would be so happys :)
    Also happy Valentines day and we gots your card and LOVED IT!! :)

    Lots of Love

  4. please count us in too winston!
    thank you for having this contest and honoring sweet stubby this way.
    you have made our hearts soar today!
    happy happy valentine's day!
    m & e

  5. YAY!!!!! I am SO gonna do this cuz I just got a NEW Martha Stewart sweater. Not only that - Stubby was very dear to me even though I never met him. Being GREEN isn't easy but Stubby made it FUN.
    Love Noodles

  6. Happy Valentines Day furiends!!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. Winston woons this is a great contest...and a great way to honor Stubby. Sequoia all ready has her sweater picked out (it will look familar hee hee ) and I have mine selected too! Mom says she may need to bust out a scarf since we keep our thermostat bewteen 58F and 59F degrees hee hee she is crazy woman.
    Ok guess whats I got in the mails today....your Card and picture! Mom needs to get a picture frame for me so I can looks at it all the times.

    Thanks and extra hugs,
    Tuni Woons

  8. Oh, count us in too! What a great idea, we're sure Stubby is smiling (you know he always smiled) down on us all!

  9. today is a very special day, a day filled with love and warmth.
    We honor a very special friend and all of the hearts he has brought together.
    here is our post...
    thank you for having this wonderful event.
    it is on the perfect day.
    today is a good day <3
    Emmitt & Melissa

  10. We are pawticipating in Sweater Day too!! So happy to see that the Green Stubby reports are going to continue. What a great way to remember Stubby.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  11. Hi Winston!

    I just posted my sweater entry. This was such a thoughtful and wonderful idea! I am so honored to participate!


  12. Hi guys! We love your Sweater Day tribute to Stubby!

    Please stop by our blog to our sweather pictures.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    PeeS: even if we don't win the grand prize, it was tons of fun to participate.


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