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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My "Tweedles" Adventure

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres.
Most of you knows my friend Tweedles and how she is always taking care of the forest. Well this post was inspired by her!

I lives in a very similar environment to Tweedles and her forest amd I thought it would be really funs to show all my friends the forest up heres in Canada's West Coast.

So... quite a few months ago Mum tooks me on my own "Tweedles" adventure.

Anytime of year is a time to experience nature!

 I wents to a Fish Hatchery and also walked the Coho Loop Forest Walk...

Here is my adventure

Hang on gotta waits for Mum to takes some photos...

One of Mum's first photos... the big moss covered tree

Ok let's move onward... follow me

Ok down we go... keep up there is lots of stairs
Now we are at the bottom, let's go

waits look at this... fungus on the tree

Stop heres... looks a huge hole in the cliff side shows layers of different soil!
Moss growing on stones. Mum luved this!
trees grow everywheres, even on the side of the cliff!

Remember to looks up too! There is lots to see up aboves

This is the Capilano River and there is fish in theres, lots of fish!

Ok let's rest heres a minute... shhh, listen hears that? Listen to the nature.
One more looks at the river, now onto the hatchery

Follow me... almost theres

Oh hold ons... need a drink, take one BUT don't disturb anything, careful with nature!

Tah Dah... we are heres, ok let's go see some fish
OMP looks... see the salmon? It is jumping. Looks closely at the center of photo

Whoa salmon are big fish!
This place is super educationals!

Can you see the baby salmon in the waters?

Oh looks the sigh says the pools are the "juvenile rearing area". No wonder there is so many baby salmon!
hold ons, I just want to check outs the forest. Can you see me? I am taking a minute to enjoy the forest.

New life takes root on the old. Looks at this tree growing on an old dead one!

Well looks like we are at the end of the path! Thank you fors joining me!

 I sure thinks that Tweedles would luvs this walk, don't you?

My favourite thing abouts the forest is the ways the moss grows and hangs on the trees. Did you see that in my photos?

What was your favourite thing?

Oh one last note - Please remember one very important thing about exploring nature...
always walk softly and disturb nothings!

Winston Wilbur


  1. After you Winston, my favorite part is all the different shades of green. Thank you for taking us on your hike through the forest. I agree, Tweedles will love it!

  2. Hi Winston,
    OMP, I felt like I was on the hike with you! Plus you got to see flying fish. Mom loves the moss too - something about a Midwest thing. I've never seen moss before. Looks like a good place to take a nap.


  3. Winstons! This is a great post!

    Beautiful pics, and you told the story very well. Good reminder, too, about leaving what you find.

    We think you did Tweedles proud!

    Hugs -

    Sarah and Hank

  4. Oh Winston
    I felt like I was right there walking beside you! It was so quiet! I did not want to make a sound. And then I heard the rush of the waters, and I saw the fish jumping - just like you showed us. The fishies are on their journey to complete their cycle of life. Thank you for sharing that- because I have never seen fishies.
    Oh Winston, I love the moss that grows everywhere tooo- on the rocks, and all the moss in the trees, on old logs. Such soft moss for forest creatures to rest on.
    Oh the wonders!
    I loved the tree stump that was sleeping. It looked like no life in it- yet it gave life to another tree. Sometimes when we help each other- we become like that old stump- and give life to another. And the brave trees that grew on the edges of cliffs- how brave they are!
    I see you sitting in the forest- and again, I feel like I am right with you. The tweets from the birds - high in those wonderous tree tops.
    The sweet smells of Mother Earth.
    Thank you Winston- for sharing your magical world with me. I feek the heart beat in your forest too.

  5. What a lovely forest tour, thanks for sharing

  6. Hi Winston Wilbur!
    Yes Tweedles is one of my very good friends, we have the same love for nature and the environment! Have you seen the walks that my Mum takes me on Winston? They are all in the forests around where I live and they are beautiful! I love your Tweedles inspired adventure, I wish I was there it looks like a delightful walk! I love walking it’s one of my favourite things to do with my Mum and she takes me on really big hikes like with those stairs that you had to climb! The forests Canada's West Coast looks truly wonderful! I really love the sign with the different seasons, it’s really pretty and it’s good to let people know that they can go there no matter what the season is!
    My favourite photos of you are the one where you are having a rest by the River where you say “Ok let's rest here’s a minute... shhh, listen hears that? Listen to the nature” I love listening to all the sounds of nature, to the rushing river, to a babbling brook to the sounds of the birds singing in the trees!
    I love the photos of the fish, I saw all the little baby salmons, there are sooooo many of them, but I will tell you a secret.. I’m a little bit afraid of fish, they swim so fast and I’m not quite sure what they are!
    I also love the photo of you among the forest leaves, you look like you are hiding! Oh and when you are drinking from the stream, the water is wonderfully clear!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed your day out, I bet you slept so well once you got home and that you had nice dreams about all that you saw!
    Love, Licks and Big Pug Hugs from your Friend Frank xxxxxxxxxx

  7. This was an awesome post, Winston. And an awesome walk! Thanks so much for taking us with you. I enjoyed every last bit of it!

  8. Beautiful...Wow..... Now we want to move to Canada.

    Sammy and Neko

  9. Tweedles will be so proud of you Winston! I would have done fine on that walk, Mom would have give up on that first set of steps. My favorite part, and favorite picture was you getting a drink in the creek and you resting while listening to nature.

  10. Anonymous06:37

    Oh, wow, Winston - I'm gonna have to get mama and The Man to take me on that adventure. It looks AWESOME! I love the fish (I eat them every day, you know), but my favourite photo is of you resting. Thanks for posting your excellent adventure for us to share in!

  11. i enjoyed your post so much. the pictures were fantastic. Now i want spring to arrive even faster. i thot the tree growing another tree on top of its stump was something. but the whole tour was lovely.


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