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Monday, May 14, 2012

Flying Furs

OMP, Winston heres,

Today at breakfast something happened. Mum saids, It wasn't goods.

We were outs in the garden and Mum slipped in to refill her coffee.

All of a sudden a cat looking likes this appeared.

She lives across the streets from us.
Kizzy doesn't likes her...  In fact Kizzy doesn't like a lot of cats.

Anyways, Mum heards the yowling and ran outs.

She saw fur flying, then Kizzy had the cat cornered the in the flower bed.

Kizzy was puffed ups

The neighbour cat was puffed ups

Tika was on the patio puffed ups and staring wide eyed.

On her way to gets this...
Mum grabbed Tika and put her insides

Mum turned on the water and sprayed.

Water shot outs and hit Kizzy.

The neighbour cat ran for the fence, Mum grabbed Kizzy before she could start chase.

Once insides, Kizzy was a bit shaken and had a small nick on her ear.
She headed to her tree to calms down.

Mum came outs to inspect the situation

This was everywheres...

Can you see the furs?

And the buddha head gots knocked overs!

Mum thinks they were fighting cuz the cat entered our yard for this,

Our catnip garden. Most of the plants but one small sprig, are crushed cuz of all the neighbourhood cats!

Later the girls came to the door but were leary.

Kizzy is 13, way older than the other cat, but boy she sure can fights!

 Years ago, Kizzy tried to attack one of these as it walked past our house on it's walkies.

Kizzy is BAD ASS!

Anyways I thinks I heard some of you say... "where were you Winston, during this fights?"

Why right heres, of course...
Guarding breakfast
I didn't moves a muscle.
I didn't barks at alls.
I stood guards without moving an inch.

What was I guardings?

Mum's breakfast of course!!

Yup, I never tooks my eyes off her toast.

Someone hads to make sure nothing happened to the breakfast!

I am CERTAIN Mum was very grateful for my good guarding skills.

 Fur-ever yours...

Winston Wilburs


  1. You are a very very good guard dog, Winston! Someone had to keep an eye on mom's toast and you took it upon yourself to accept that responsibility! Seriously, dude, are you not feeling well? You watched the toast and didn't take a single bite??? Not even a nibble???

  2. Winston, I love your sense of priorities!

  3. Ok, ok... 1/19 is Winston's birthday??
    Neko's birthday is 1/19 too!!!
    We are connected !!!!!!

  4. This is way too funny... Pugs and cats, of course we are different ~

  5. Oh Winston
    I was on pins and needles as I read this scary story! Gosh - a real cat fight! Thank goodness your mom found the garden hose for it to spray water, and thank goodness for you for guarding your mommas toast! I bet she gave you a nice bite!
    You were such a good guard dog Winston!

  6. Accckkk! Good thinking on your mom's part, to turn the water hose on Kizzy and the neighbour's cat. Nasty fight! Our mom understands because Nicki is very territorial and we're having problems with Toby the Abandoned driving Nicki into a frenzy and sometimes turning on Derry in redirected aggression.

    Winston, of course your mum was grateful that you stood guard over her breakfast! My goodness, if something had happened to her toast....Well, we shudder to think of it.

  7. That is the funniest story Winston, it made my day. Kizzy sounds like the cat my mom had as a teenager and that belonged to her parents, Cleo. Cleo lived to be 18 and passed about four years ago, she was seriously tough! She even went after foxes. When the dogs visited Cleo would stalk them and try to attack. After she died rabbits, chipmunks, groundhogs, birds everything returned to our grandparents yard.

    URban Hounds

  8. Wowzers!!!!! Maybe I should put Kizzy on security detail at the next Sunflower event! Speaking of which Winston, I was thinking of having a mixer. Do you think you and your fire Hydrant fellows would like to attend? No tricks, I promise!

  9. Whoa! I am very impressed with Kizzy! I would have ran away and hid under the bed.

  10. Oh my Pugness Winston, you were deep in the action and you were calm as calm could be, I would have done the same thing, food is number one priority in my house, we dont have a kitty but there are pleanty in my street who share the garden with me, I dont mind as long as they dont try to come in to the house! Then I get mad and bark! It sounds like that cat was a real mean furball, I'm glad your Mum was able to stop the fight before Kizzy was hurt, bless her! Both Kizzy and Tika look so cute, for kittys ofcourse, the photo of them on guard at the door is really nice! Hope that mean cat doesnt come back any time soon and hope that you will continue to guard those foodables! Toast is one of my fave things, my Mum gives me some crust if Im good! Wahoo! Droooool! Love, Licks and Tummy Rubs from your Friend Frank xxxxxx

  11. That's so funny, Winstons! (I mean you guarding the breakfast, not the cat fight!)

    I'm glad no one got hurt. And yea, that Kizzy is bad ASSSSSS.

    Hugs -

    Sarah and Hank

  12. Anonymous11:06

    The food beats all, for sure! Those cats can take care of themselves, my friend. Good to see your puggie priorities are straight!

    Lola Pug


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