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Monday, October 29, 2012

Pugoween in Seattle!

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres.

I have tons of pictures to shows you of our trip to Seattle to the Seattle Pug Rescue's Pugoween.

Mum and I drove downs the night befores and stayed in our usual hotel.

Co-pilot pug!

Morning Washingmachine state!

After breakfast we headed over to Sequoia and Emma's place.

We visited a bit with baby brudder and grandma.

We also gots to see the special "Tuni memory shelf" and photo album. It is very specials I was glad to see it.


Me watching baby brudder watching me!

We then piled into the car and headed to the party.

Sequoia stayed homes with baby brudder and Grandma.

hurry up, let's get this show on the road already!
When we got there Mum had to unloads all my stuffs. This tooks a bit of times.
I gots my stroller, my wheels, my costume plus Mum had her purse, camera, costume accessories! Hands were full!

Inside there were pugs EVERYWHERES!!!!
Mum and Emma's Momma had so much funs with all the pugs flying arounds.

The first one we saw upon entering was Molly pug and her Momma!!!

This guy was kinda likes my twin!
I gets a little "rake de-shedder". Mum wasn't overly convinced on these rake de-shedders. But i sure enjoyed the massage!

Emma and me. 
There were so many pugs in so many cool costumes!

A devil costume. Hmmm that would be a great costume for my friend Ellie!

Emma and I entered the costume contest.

I gots first place and Emma gots second! Whoo hooo we both gots Petco gift cards!

Last times I went to the Summer Pug Gala with Tuni... Tuni and I also won the costume contest.
Here we are in our winning costumes from 2011.

After the contest we sat and waited while the raffle baskets were drawn.

Mum says it is a goods thing we didn't win a basket. She has no idea how she would have fitted it in our Miata... with all my stuffs.

Emma Lemma and her Momma
Me hoping they calls my ticket
 We ended it with treats before heading backs home.

pugoween wrap up treats

And now, before I log offs, the minute you have alls been waiting fors...

here is my costume from this years.

To see Emma's great costume stop on over at her blog.

Happy trick or treating everypuggy

Pee-S I am actually excited abouts Halloween as it is a special day here at my house and I am hoping to score myself some cake!!!!!!

Winston Wilbur


  1. That is one of the best costumes I have EVER seen for a pug! You look wonderful, Winston!

  2. Makes me happy to see you having so much fun! And it can't get any better than a first and second prize!

  3. Oh Winston, we SAW you at PugOWeen! We didnt realize it was you, sorry we didnt say HI. Black Pearl was wearing her black n pink girly skull n crossbone sweater and Otis was wearing his purple Washington Huskies Jersey. We were coupled together, mom usually keeeps us hooked together so we dont get lost. Maybe you can come back down for the annual Christmas pawrty or Valentines Pawrty SPS sponsors! We'd definately say HI then! We will have mom post a couple of our PugOWeen pictures tonight.

  4. We had so much fun too! Winston we know what tomorrow is hee hee hope there is some cake!!

  5. Oh man your costume was the best!!! Kudos to your Mom on that one. How cool that you won with Emma Lemma this year too. We love love love Miss Emma.



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