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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2012... Let's review

Hi everypuggy,

Well we are  into 2013 nows and I don't really have any New Year's resolutions, do any of yous?

So because I have no resolutions to discuss, I figured that to starts the year offs it might be funs to review some of the highlights from 2012.

Here we goes.


2012 started with me turning a decade!! that is rights I turned 10!

Around my birthday we had some snows fall.
Dickens and I had to double ride and chain ups the wheels on the stroller!

saw me receiving lots of mail! I held my Valentine Card Exchange.

was excitings as I wents to see the huge group of Snowy Owls.

hads a sad event... My friend Payton passed and I held a Pink Flowers for Payton event.

was when I started to see Doctors abouts my back legs. They stopped working properly.

Just me and Mum

the Seattle Pug Rescue Gala. I went with Dickens.
This was also the last times I gots to see my pug luv Tuni.

Jun-July was not goods for me.
My Luv Tuni crossed the rainbow bridge right at the ends of June.

But... I also saw something goods in July...
I gots my wheelcart!

was awesome... I had Payton's mom and dad come to visits me!
Here I am with her and Lola Pug.

had another big event. More for Mum than me. She went to Indiana to the Pug Slut Fest.
She mets lots of people but one special person in particular, Jay, who helped us a few months later.

This is Jay, Jeremy and Vikki. 

Pugoween for Seattle Pug Rescue.
I wents with Emma and we won prizes for our costumes!

October was also the results of my MRI for my back legs.
The news wasn't the best but it wasn't terribles either!
I will just always have troubles walkings.

remember that person, Jay.
He took in Sam Cooper, a rescue foster.
Jay helped Mum go to Tennessee to adopt Sam.
Lots of people in the pug group helped raise money to get Mum there!

brought a new family member.
It was the month Sam joined our family.
It was Sam's first Christmas with me!
Thanks Midsouth Pug Rescue for allowing us to adopt Sam Cooper.

There you haves it... the 12 months of me!

Happy New Year everypuggy!

Winston Wilbur


  1. Love the year in review. I saw Tuni's picture pop up oh the memories. It ended well for you and your new bro Winston Woons!

  2. What a big fun filled year you had. We cant wait for 2013

    urban hounds

  3. Hi Winston! 2012 was an emotional roller coaster for me, filled with good/bad and happy/sad. Thank you for including Payton and me in your look back. I certainly have you to thank for many of the good/happy things!

  4. I love seeing Sam Cooper and Winston Wilbur together!

  5. Oh Winston what a wonderful way to show us your year...that was really cool...its seems the year is full of valleys and mountains, but in the we are! I am so glad you brought Sam Cooper into your life, I am sure you both will be blessed!
    stella rose

  6. Hi Winston Wilbur,
    Happy New 2013!!!
    I really liked looking back at the highs and lows of 2012, I am looking forward to seeing your 2013 adventures!
    I enjoyed seeing you and Dickens doing the double ride in the stroller! I see you both rollin and I'm hatein!!!
    I loved your Valentine Card Exchange so a big THANK YOU to you becuase I too had a whole lot of mail, and thank you to those who sent it to me!
    I loved your adventure when you saw the Snowy Owls!
    I was sad that Payton and your love Tuni crossed the rainbow bridge, they both were so beautiful and they were my first few furiends when I was new to Blogville, YOU were my first EVER furiend Winston!!
    I'm so happy that you got to see Payton's Mom and Dad and I was jelly because I didnt get to see them, but I loved seeing them on your and other Blogs! That must have been amazing!
    You look so good in your wheelcart and I'm glad you have it now so that you can enjoy walks and that your poor legs dont hurt any more!
    Its so good that Midsouth Pug Rescue let you guys adopt Sam Cooper and I'm sure you are both loving eachothers company and will have a wonderful 2013 together!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from your Furiend Frank xxxxxx

  7. What an amazing year you had! I hope 2013 is even better, with no sadness ever.

  8. Your 2012 is not bad, Winston. We all need better year tho, don't you think?

    BTW, what did you request for your birthday? Mine's same as yours, the 19th... not sure what I should tell mama what to get for me... bacon seems too ordinary.


  9. Winston
    I had some happy and sad tears as I read about your 2012.
    I hope the new year 2013 brings you lots of more memories and happiness.


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