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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happiness is the smell of a new Stroller!

Hi everypuggy,

Wells if you have been following me on facebooks you will know that I gots a huge package delivered to my house the other day.

pretty bigs package eh!
Mum boughts me a new stroller!

This one is likes the Rolls Royce of strollers!

It is called a Dogger. It is a Canadian Company that makes them and they are located heres in Vancouver!

I gots so excited when we unpacked my new Dogger!

Yup looks like it shipped ok!
I helped Mum unpacks it.

It shipps almost all in one piece, just some minor assembly needed...
Wow this stoller is awesome!

Mum just had to assembles the wheels.

Sam Coop double checked Mum's work

Wheels are on good and tight!

Sam and I monitored Mum while she tooks off the packaging.

Looks at how excited I looks!

Once it was unfolded, Sam was in total amazement at how awesome it was!

Both Sam and I can fits in it togethers!!

What a cool ride, Winston!
Mum gots it fully loaded.

It comes with a rain cover as part of the base model but Mum gots the add ons.

I got the orthopedic lounge pad and Mum gots the cup holder attachment.

I even got to try it outs in the living room!


OMP I am a happy boy!
I can't waits to try it outsides!

Keep on wheeling...
Winston Wilbur


  1. Winston!!, i want one too cuz you make it look so cool! I don't even need one!
    Love Noodles

  2. Winston I am so happy for you. And happy Sam Cooper fits in it too!
    It looks very fancy and comfy!.
    You did a good job supervising too!

  3. That is a sweet ride! Isabelle would love a Dogger! Well, probably not since she doesn't like her current stroller, but maybe since the sides are low enough to see out.
    Have fun with your new wheels!

  4. Winston your smile makes me smile! You look so happy in your new ride...enjoy it buddy you deserve it!!

  5. that is an awesome ride, Winston!!!

  6. We like to walk, but I think Wilbur would love a stroller like this. Do they make a Catter?


  7. That is one awesome ride!!! You will have to fight off the ladies with that set of wheels. I'm so glad you have mobility options and buying local is even better.

  8. Mom is thinking of getting us this, but one quesiton does it have a zip close top (besides the rain cover). We wnat to use it to go on the path train iand subway and that requires that the stroller zip shut. Enjoy your wheels

    urban hounds

  9. That is one pawsome ride you got ... can't wait to see all the places it takes you! You will be riding in style .....

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  10. Awesome! You will be riding around in style now! So glad you like it, Winston. Your smile made me smile.


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