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Sunday, April 07, 2013

What's your lounging style?

Hi everypuggy,

Winston Wilbur heres

I loves my dog bed.

I loves to lounge in it.

Sam likes a good dog bed too.

Mum says whens we lounge we have two very differents lounging styles.

I lounge fully in my bed, forming my body to the shapes of my bed

Likes this...
I usually likes my pillow beside me too
All nice and cozy and comfy


Sam, on the other paw, lounges hanging outs of his bed

Likes this...

he fits in this bed curled ups, but he just likes to let it all hang outs!

Sam also likes the hard floor!

(Them young'uns... I can't do hard floors anymores, I needs cushioning!)

He has a favourite spot in the living room, it is where the sun shines in the afternoons...

I guess Mum is rights, we do have different lounging styles!

Sam makes a great pillows too!
What kinda lounging style do you haves?

Lounge ons my friends, lounge ons
Winston Wilbur


  1. great pics

    urban hounds

  2. How sweet! I had a cocker spaniel named Estrella, and she would lick the corners of her little bed then curl into a ball.

  3. Hi Winston
    Were all so special in our own way-- and so are both of your lounging styles.
    I like to lounge like you do. You look comfy and warm and all cuddled into your bed... but then Sam looks so comfy too,, I guess like they say
    "different strokes for different folks".
    One thing for sure- your both as cute as can be, and I love you both.

  4. D&D prefer laps over anything else. Donald seems to like a bolster to rest his head and Daisy like to be covered with a blanket.
    PS. Like the addition of Sam to the blog header and love the pic of you two snuggling!

  5. Scarlet says her favorite lounging style is on top of me. If I'm not available, her own personal single bed with her woobie is her preference.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  6. Sam is obviously the best cushion of all!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the snuggling picture. Two good lookin' boys lounging... where was the invite?


  8. You guys definitely know how to lounge! Depending on the weather, we either cram into one bed or sprawl wherever. We're a combo of you two! Quincy liked to sleep with his head hanging off the bed, crazy pug.


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