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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crime Scene Investigation - Burnaby

Case Number #0001
Date: 26th January, 2010
Investigating CSI - Agent Smiling Pug
Location - The home of two cats and a Pug in Burnaby

Smiling Pug was called to the said location early Tuesday morning on the date listed above. A pork cutlet was found half eaten on the hallway carpet upstairs. Cutlet was discovered by the homeowners.

Upon interviewing the residents of said home the report goes as follows.

Cutlet was served at the dinner hour the night before. Male owner was unable to be completely consume pork cutlet. It was disposed of in the kitchen sink garbarator upon completion of the dinning hour.

Photo taken by Smiling Pug of the said garbarator

According to residents garbarator was not turned on. Pork cutlet was last seen in garbarator.

Early Next morning at around 8 AM, cutlet was discovered mauled on the hallway carpet on the 2nd floor of the home

Main evidence pictured here

Upon further inspection by Smiling Pug it was determined that the bite marks on said cutlet were those of either canine or feline. Cutlet has been bagged and sent to the lab.

Smiling Pug has now set about photographing and interviewing suspects within the home.

Suspect A
Tika Daisy
10 yr old Calico cat
9.5 lbs

The said suspect has got an alibi. Was seen all night sleeping soundly cuddled up with owner. When asked if it was possible Tika could have snuck out of bed unnoticed, owner replied "NO, this is not of her character, Tika doesn't like people food or the garbarator." "beside that she was purring away with me on the bed.... all night".

Tika has been ruled out due to strong alibi.

Suspect B
Winston Wilbur
8 yr old fawn pug
35 lbs

Suspect B was also known to have been with owner on bed. When asked if it is possible he left the bedroom and wandered downstairs..... owner said "yes it is" Owner did point out that Winston is a Pug. Upon research of this breed Smiling Pug discovered that they love to eat. Smiling pug concluded that had Winston gotten hold of the cutlet there would be no evidence left to find. The only evidence would be "cutlet breath"

Possible suspect - we then investigated further. Photos taken and analyzed. See results below.

Girth of said Pug does make it unlikely to have ability to get onto counter in kitchen. Pug requires steps to get onto queen sized bed. Pug also such hefty girth that stairs were once broken due to his weight.

Stairs in question pictured here

Suspect B has been ruled out as having any connection to crime.

Suspect C
Kizzy Willow
10 yr old Grey Tabby
11 lbs

Do not be fooled by her sweet innocent looks!

This suspect's whereabouts are not known of at the time of cutlet incident. Owner can not account for Kizzy being on the bed during the night. Owner said the following "Kizzy was not with us on the bed during the sleeping hours. When I woke up it was odd that she wasn't perched on her cat tree in the bedroom near the window." When questioned if this was in character of said Cat, the owner replied "Yes Kizzy is known to wander. What was odd was that she did not show any interest in her morning meal which she usually cries for at some length."

Owner handed over picture of Kizzy to Agent Smiling Pug for analysis. Here are the results.

When all 3 suspects were interviewed we only got this out of them "meow, woof, meow"

Upon investigating the crime Smiling Pug has collected all evidence and has concluded to these turn of events:

Kizzy has been charged in connection with the Cutlet Incident. It has been concluded that sometime in the night she took it upon herself to jump onto the kitchen counter and  slip her slender paw into garbarator to pull out cutlet. She possesses the correct body frame and ability to pull this off. Kizzy has been guilty of this crime before. Cutlet was then carried up to hallway upstairs where she set about consuming cutlet. Teeth marks in cutlet have tested positive as Feline. Evidence indicating Kizzy not hungry at breakfast concludes she is the one responsible for this crime. Left over cutlet on the carpet is typical of Feline actions.

Book her, agent SP!

Kizzy is now under House Arrest.


  1. Of khourse one of the KHATS did it!


  2. BOL! Winston I would nevers suspect you of stealings. You are a perfect littles pugger. However the stair incident was a little funnys. Don't worry about being hefty, that just means there is more of you to snuggles.

    Pug Hugs, Tuni

  3. Smiling Pug, you're such a crack investigator! No one can pull the wool over your eyes!

  4. Winston couldn't be guilty.
    He's a sexy pug!
    Hefty pugs

    Penny and I hope you have a
    great weekend!

    -Dana & Penny

  5. Anyone would certainly know it was not you!

  6. It's always the cats! And to think that Winston would even be considered for such a low life crime... as if!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  7. Anonymous04:11

    Oh my goodness! That is SO funny, I'll have to send everbuddy to your blog to read that.

    I don't know though....did you do DNA testing of those teeth marks? Maybe a stray, feral cat broke in and framed Kizzy? Does she have a lawyer??

  8. The kitty gets it in the end. A dog after my own heart! :)

  9. Anonymous11:12

    haha that is so cute! Galore pulls things off the counter too and sometimes the dogs get it when she is done. :)

  10. Good investigating!


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