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Monday, March 15, 2010

Big Trouble in Little Burnaby

Hi everypuggy, I interrupt this post to fill you in on what has been happening these past two days.
It all started when I read about Pearl and her chicken incident.

This got her grounded. I left her a comment on her blog telling her I was on my ways. I grabbed my crowbar and waited out front for this to arrive.

Stella, Gunther and Betty pulled up out front and honked twice. I ran down the drive and hopped in.
We were headed to Oklahoma to free Pearl.

We did encounter a small problem at the border, as I did not have this.

So they hid me in this until we cleared the border.

Once across the border we headed to Pearl's. We honked twice and she ran out and hopped in.
We were all hungry so we headed to this.

Pearl still had not had her fill of Chicken!

We caused absolute chaos in there. Eventually the place had to be evacuated on account of Betty and her farts. This ended up to our advantage as we were then free roam of the joint.
Meanwhile back at Pearl's house......
Pearl's momma was asking for help in finding Pearl when a citizen spotted us and snapped this picture.
This picture was posted on Pearl's blog. 

So was this next picture. We were spotted somewhere along the I-35 when this picture was taken. Pearl was at the wheel and I will say one thing.... she is a reckless driver.

It was this recklessness of hers that got us busted.

What happened not long after this picture was taken was..... we ran over this.

Which in turn caused this.

When we all piled out of the truck to see the tire a state patrol car came along. He immediately recognised Pearl from her picture distributed by her momma.
Next thing we knew, we were in these.

We were pawcuffed!!!!! 

Anyways I ended up being escorted back across the border and was returned home in this.

Mum was not pleased to find me at the door with the RCMP behind me.

I got into big trouble!
Now I am totally grounded, just like Pearl was!

PeeS.  Sorry Tuni, we were headed over to visit you when the tire went flat!


  1. Oh Winston! Are we going to have to get you out of jail now too? I can't believe you guys got busted. Do you think it was the chicken bones that gave you guys away?

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Winston, I knew I should have commandeered a bigger and more reliable vehicle. But the opportunity presented itself and I had no choice but to seize the moment.

    I just got a pee mail from Pearl. I guess her family had a KFC intervention. She's going to rehab. It was the chicken that tooks control of her life. So sad.


  3. Winston,
    It's me, Pearl.

    I am back home.

    In even BIGGER trouble than I was before! GROUNDED FOR LIFE.

    Thanks for trying to help me escape, Winston. If I ever get un-grounded, I owe you one!!!!!!!

    Momma says to tell you Mum that she's really sorry that you got wrapped up in this.

    Gotta go back to my jail cell now. :(

    Love, Pearl

  4. Love the continuing saga of the pugs. They can sure stir up some trouble! Fuji and Gidget are pretty good pugs. Pugs and mischief go together.

  5. Anonymous11:57

    hahaha oh no! naughty puggy!

  6. Winston! What an adventure! I am glad you are all safe, but too bad about getting grounded. :( Hope you get out soon!

  7. Winston I hopes you are safe at home nows. Maybe you shouldn't take anymore trips for knows just lay lows for sometime. But I am prouds you rescued Pearl!

  8. Hi Winston!

    What an adventure! Penny and I
    were laughing very hard after reading
    your post! We're glad you attempted
    to free Pearl! It's never a pugs
    fault when food is involved.
    What a pug stomach wants, a
    pug stomach gets!

    We hope you are having a great week!

    -Dana & Penny

  9. If only you had make it to this side of the border, there must be some kinda cute dog immunity here in Canada! Better luck next time, Mom says you can all hide out here!

    Grins and Kisses,
    Ying and Yang

  10. Winston - you are Da Man! What a plan! What great execution! You saved the girl! (and she is sweet, is she not?) Better luck next time, Buddy. And if you ever need help with your posse, count me in!
    xoxoxo Paco

  11. Hi Winston, It sounds like a fabulous adventure you went on, even if ended up with you in the proverbial klink. Sometimes you have to put your butt on the line for a friend. I'm sure Pearl appreciates it. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I hope you'll consider swinging by my place the next time you are out breaking your Mom's rules.

  12. I should not have read this. I bet my pugs are now getting all sorts of devious ideas!

    (Very adorable!)

  13. Oh no- after all that planning , this happened? your grounded?
    jeepers- now what- grounded and no KFC.
    that is sooooo sad


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