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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Free for Recycling..... 2 adult cats, one calico the other a grey tabby

Hello everypuggy

Well yesterday I gots two letters in the mail! The first one was this from Gunther, Betty and Stella. Thank yous for the card. I really enjoyed our time together and getting to know you all during the great escape of Pearl.

The other thing I gots was FLAT PUGLET!!!! Yeah I am super excited but you know what?....... I thinks Mum is even more excited. We have big plans for him this week I can't waits. Here I am meeting him when he arrived last night.

WIth the arrival of Flat Puglet, I am reminded of his purpose and that is to spread the word on recycled dogs. I have decided that this should includes cats as well. So, on that note I would like to offer two cats for adoption. One is a lap cap calico princess and the other is her royal meowness, a grey tabby with a highly intelligent brain. I offer them for recycling to a new home, FREE. Here is a picture of the cats I am referring too.

Why you ask, would I do this? Let me tells you.......

About a week ago I settled in for a lounge on the bed on my bone blanket. Later when I awoke I was tied up with this. (Tuni, Sequoia.. do you recognize this?)

I was unable to get up and walks. I heard the click clack of keys in the other room, the whisper of meows and realized my feline siblings had busted into my blog!!! I howled for mum and she came running, untied me and gave us all a lecture about tying up siblings and sharing the blog.

Then thursday nights I was called into our bathroom by TIka. She was yelling something about treats on the ground. When I entered the door slammed shuts and her and I was stuck in there. All she kept saying was "ooppps I messed up I should run out". Again I heard the click clack of keys in the other room and Kizzy laughing and muttering about some picture with dentures. I howled and mum came running agains. Once again they gots into trouble and I was talked to about not being such a blog hog.

Now I have to allow them on this blog every Fridays!!!!!! They have to stop trying to ban me from being in the computer room. I can't takes anymore! Stella, Gunther and Betty are right..... These two felines are aliens!
So, if you are interested please contact ME (not my mum, if she found out I was doing this, I would get grounded for life, times 2, and not a chance for parole).

So, on that notes, with this posting I am including pictures of Flat Puglet and me at the Vancouver airport dog beach in Richmond. We had good times. I took him to play ball and to watch planes.

This is an 8 yr old very deaf but super fun dog we mets on the beach. I shared my ball with her.

And last but not least...... looks what Mum did for me and Tuni!

Tuni + Winston!


  1. Winston....oh my poor pug guy! I kows those kittys were bad. At least you have Flat Puglet on your side. You looks cute with your ball at the beach and you are so sweet to share with that other doggy.

    MooooOVEEEEee....Tika are you....

    Can it Sequoia! This is for Winston. I hope you and FP have fun this weeks!


  2. Hi Winston, yay! You got our card.

    Don't recycle those cats (aliens). Send 'em back to their mother ship so no one else has to deal with them.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  3. I hate the idea of being grounded for life.
    I will not tell a soul about your plans,

  4. I think I'm going to offer up Wilbur for recycling. Good idea.

    We once took a Flat Stanley around to fun places. Your idea is much better!


  5. Oh Winston,
    This treatment is unacceptable! Those kitties are so mean to you!

    I won't tell anyone about your plan to 'recycle' them, ok? Shhh... it's our secret!!!!!!!!

  6. hi winston!
    oh what a great post!
    i love your day with flat puglet and cannot wait to see more!

    Happy Happy Spring!
    m & e

  7. Hi Winston! You must get rid of those aliens asap! You can't trust them and if you think what they did to you was bad, just wait until next time. They cannot be trusted and must be sent back to the mothership!

    Stubby xoxo

  8. Anonymous10:11

    Oh you poor guy! Gus just chases Misift and Galore out of the room.. you need to show some authoritay!

  9. Anonymous17:06

    Winston, that wasn't very nice (but kinda funny) of your sisfurs to trick you like that but PLEASE don't recycle them!! Sharing isn't that bad. . . Momma makes US do it all the time.

  10. Hi Winston!

    What a great card you received!
    Penny and I love your photos
    from the beach! Penny hasn't
    been to the beach in a
    long time.

    We hope you have a great week!

    -Dana & Penny


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