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Saturday, May 29, 2010

I helps with a leaning lilac

Hello everypuggy, Winston heres.

First off, let's say that Feline Fridays has temporarily been changed to Felines in the Garden. These posts will be featured through out the summers as Tika and Kizzy helps Mum in the garden.

So now..... on to ME!

A few weeks ago Mum and I walked outs into the yard to discover that our Lilac tree was leaning. I'm talking  LEANING big times! It leaned so much thats Mum bonked her heads on the branches when she walked through the arbour. Mum said that this was dangerous and was scared it might crash down on me when I am out playings, or lounging while dreaming of Tuni.

So we gots to work to fix its. We discovered that the recent heavy rain and winds had caused it to lean.

See how low it is! Leaning rights in front of the arbour!!!

Normally it is straights up and down, but looks how it leans to the rights! Not Goods at alls!

So off we wents to the garden tool shed to gets the pruner. Mum wanted to prune it to reliefs the weights a bit.

I's guided Mum on where to cuts. I sat on the grass and directed her and made sure she pruned it evenly.
Looks at some of the pretty flowers we cuts.

MMMM smells so fragrants. I wonder if Tuni likes lilacs?

After we cuts off the branches Mum took to cutting the flowers of the clipped branches. I gots a little bored of this as there wasn't much directing Mum required for this, so I broughts a few toys outs.
Here is my orange heart toy.

I barked at Mum to gets her attention but she was so busy trimming the flowers, that she ignored me!!!!!!! I went inside and gots my yellow duck but she still ignored me!

So I wents and gots my red loofa dog toy with the squeaker inside.
I likes to push it against Mum's leg while I chews it.

That worked! It gots Mum's attention to play with me!

After a bit we had to stops playing and gets back to works. I helped her rope up the leaning lilac to the main trunk to helps it stay upright.
It was toughs and Dad had to come out and helps, but we did it!
See the ropes?

We then had to clean up our mess. Mum saved the flowers cuz we liked the smell. There were lots of flowers and we placed them in a large pail.

We then had to bag the branches for the "Yard Clippings Pick Up" from the City of Burnaby.
Do you see it theres! I barked at Mum and she said that if I didn't insist on playing and bringing out all my toys then this wouldn't have happened. It got mixed in with the branches cuz I dropped it on tops of them.

WHATEVER MUM! Just makes sure it doesn't happens again!

Anywho, I was super tireds from helping with the tree that I came inside and had a naps. Mum even tucked me in.
Ah, I's had a wonderful dream about me and Tuni walkings on the beach.

That's all for nows.


  1. Hi Winston! Your mom is so lucky to have you help in the garden. I've been helping mom with the gardening too and it exhausts me. What would our moms do without us? I requested extra treats as payment but Mom just laughed at me!

    Stubby xoxo

  2. You're such a BIG help, Winston!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and celebrating Saylor's birthday! We've entered you in our giveaway!

  3. Hi Winston
    Oh my goodness.
    That is soooo much worky.
    What a strong puggy you are.
    I am so happy that YOU helped your moms make sure that tree was tied up nice and secures.
    All those pretty flowers must have smelled so nice.
    I know you are sleeping so peaceful now after all that hard work.

  4. Phew, no wonder you were tired, sounds like you had a busy day. We bet your yard smells be-u-tiful too. Have a good weekend.

    Grins and Kisses,
    Ying and Yang

  5. Lilacs smell so good! Did you chew up the sticks after your mom cut the flowers off of the branches? Last summer when our mom was cleaning out the bamboo, I liked chewing on the stalks.


  6. Winston! Pushing toys against my mamas leg always work too! sounds like you kept busy busy! I am sad for your tree I hope it gets better soon!

  7. Hi Winston!

    Oh Mom and Me can smell the Lilacs....sniffss mmmm! I can'ts imagines your Mom tossing out your Ducky in the branch trash, jeeze. Galds you got it backs. Oh yes, you helps out so well in the yards, I would be too scared to go near the leaning tree hehe!

    Many hugs,

  8. hi winston!
    oh you are the best and cutest helper we have ever seen!
    the lilac tree is so happy now that you and your talented mom fixed it!
    look at all of those pretty flowers your mom saved!
    we can smell them from here! beeeeutiful!
    m & e

  9. Anonymous09:50

    Oh no! Is that from all the wind storms we have had this last 2 months? :p

    Mmm i bet your house smells so yummy right now with all those lilac flowers :)

  10. Winston, you are such a GOOD helper! Your backyard is sooo pretty, by the way.

    Momma did some gardening last week, but I stayed inside because it was more than 90 degrees outside.


  11. Hello Mr. Winstons!!! Wow!! What a beautiful lilac trees and we's are soooo glad that you and your Mum were ables to saves it!!
    oOH's we's just LOOOOOVE the ways 'dose flowers smells. They are sooo Pretty's!! Tuni will loves them for sure!!
    Hee Hee... Your Mum wrapped your Ducky toy with the yard stuffs. Poor Winstons. Well, she just 'prolly wanted yous to help hers get it dones so you could enjoy and dreams of Tuni faster!!
    Great Job and it looks sooooooo Pretty's!!
    Izzy, Josie &
    Anakin Man


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