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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Unique Photo Sessions fills in for Feline Fridays

Hello everypuggy,

Winston heres. Well I am allowed to posts todays as Mum wants me to tell you alls that Feline Fridays have been shuffled over to Sunday nights. The reason for this is thats what Mum and the girls are going to posts abouts won't happens until Sunday afternoon. So I am going to fills in the time slot right nows.

Today's posts is all about unique photos Mum and I take of moi!

Me in the cars. Waiting for Dad who is in the comics store!

Demonstrating how tough and strongs I am!

Dickens and Me cruising with the tops down

Some shadow plays with Mum

More shadow plays, um yes we are standing on the railway crossing. Mum moved us alongs quickly.

I always likes to include one for Tuni.
This is the beachs I scoped out for Tuni and Me. Looks at the sunsets, and off course moi!
Can you sees me?

Mum likes this one. Pug outline!

Checking out my fur in the mirror.

Mum and me in the mirror. Travelling home from the beach.

Well that is all of me for nows. Happy long weekends. Mum says it is Victoria Days on Monday. Don't know what that means except that most peoples and their pugs have left towns for "campings". Mum doesn't do "campings", something abouts bathroom accommodations not to her standards. We are hanging at homes and Mum and the girls are working on somethings on Sunday.
Hmmmm......... I wonder if I should helps too?

Winston Wilburs


  1. What a wonderful posts Winston!!

    Mommy was laughing hysterically when you said yous was waiting for your Daddy while he was in the Comic book stores! Hmmmmmmm....sounds familiars!! (hu hu's)

    Tuni will loves the pictures you tooks for hers of the Sunsets!! How beautEfuls! Maybes I can puts ons my Spinny hats and fly over 'deres too's and join you alls when 'day moves!!

    Cute pictures of you and your Mum in 'da mirrors and of your friend Dickens!!

    Can't wait to reads about your kitty sis's on Sundays!!

    Your feeling betters good Pal,
    Anakin Man

  2. Hi there my Winston!

    Grandma and Grandpa saw hellos, they are enjoying spending time with lil ol mes (and Sequoia whatevers). So I loves the pictures of you...I likes the beach one! Oh were you scareds to drive with the top down? I would be! Have a good weekends.....

    Hey girls...Sequoia here. I am excited to see what you have instore for Sundays!

    Sequoia and Tuni!

  3. LOVED the photo of the sun in the background. Thanks for joining Christmas in July. be sure to tell all your friends about it.

  4. Anonymous04:39

    Those are lovely photos Winston! We love the beach ones especially. Can't wait to see what Tika and Kizzy are up to. . . .

  5. Your momma took some great pictures Winston!!! Looks like you had a great day!!! We don't have a long weekend yet. Ours is next weekend!!! Enjoy your Monday with the momma!!



  6. Hi Winston,
    Those are some pretty cool pictures. My Mom wants to get a convertable so she can drive around with us. How is it?


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