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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Holidays with Dickens

Ok Hi everyone.... first of all let's clarify that I am not referring to A Christmas Carole by Charles Dickens. I am talking abouts my pug pal Dickens. He is sleeping over until Mondays. His Dad is in Edmonton. We boths agree better him than us pugs. We hears it is super colds in Edmonton.

I luvs it when I see Dickens. We hang out, have snacks and swap the latest news. I happened to mention Tuni's sister Sequoia . He seemed very interested in her.... he thought she was "one hot pug and super cute".

At lunch time we wents to Deer Lake for walkies.

Me, Mum and Dickens

Then we gots in the car and headed to Home Depot for more stuffs for the house renos. Mum is still moving my stuffs around while they reno. She says so that it doesn't get in the ways. Anyway, here is Dickens helping pick out living room baseboards.

Here we ares paying for the paint

Then we gots to stop at McDonalds drive thru for coffee. Well we had water, Mum had coffee.

Now we are at home resting up. Later we are going to visit Granny. Here we are watching TV's.


Me (Mum got mad at me for gazing out the window and barking at all the people I could see way off in the distance, across the street at the college campus) apparently I was being too loud she couldn't hear the TV!

Bookends  Arm Ends

Dickens fell asleep while I continued to bark at the window

Close ups of Me

Close ups of Dickens

I decided that I was dones barking at the activity outside because I saw that the TV show needed barking at. I hates to see any kinds of animal on TV even animated ones. Here I am barking at an animated dog.

Mum gots tired of me barking so we came upstairs to post all these pictures on my blog.

(I really need Santa Paws to see these next 2 pictures. I need him to see that I have been a very good pug.  I do share with my siblings!)

I shared my blanket.... Tika having a nap all tucked in with MY puppy blanket. Isn't she cutes!

This next one was really hards for me as I am super selfish with my things from my pug luv Tuni......

I let Kizzy play with MY new ball from Tuni. Looks how she fell asleep with it. This is cutes too!

I thinks they are both dreaming of full stockings and Santa Paws. I am wishing for a full stocking because I have been so good with sharing! Do you think Santa will agree?


  1. You and Dickens sure had a busy day! You both should sleep well tonight and then more adventures tomorrow. I wonder if I can take Fuji and Gidget to Home Depot here. I've never seen a dog in there before. Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh my goodness Winston, we must be long lost brothers!! I bark at peeps out the window far far away. I also bark at animals on the T.V. Mom and dad don't get it. You and Dickens look like twins. Ya both like to eat, don't ya... BOL!


  3. I love the shots of Winston and
    Dickens together! Two sexy
    pugs out on the town!
    Looks like they had
    fun together!

    Hope you are having a great

    -Dana & Penny

  4. Hi Winston
    What a day you and Dickens had!
    I think I would love to have a pal to hang around with.
    Play with, share with, sleep with,
    go shop with.
    I think you have been a good pup and Santa will certainly agree

  5. Anonymous04:13

    Hi Winston,
    Wow, it looks like you had fun shopping and stuff. We NEVER get to go shopping. And we like it that you shared your stuffs with your kitty sisfurs....we're SURE Santa saw that.
    Have a great Christmas!

  6. Dear Winstons,

    Firsts off, you shares your toys very well. Santa will haves your stocking over flowings! We recieved your box for xmas ands there should be one ariving soon for you and your siblings!

    Second Sequoia wanted me to pass along to you for Dickens that he is a handsome pugger too.

    Lastly you gots to go to Home Depot! We have only been to Petsmart. We hopes some day we can visit more human stores like you.

    Forevers your pugger,

  7. hi winston!
    oh you and dickens are so cute together!

    i love the bookend photos! priceless!

    m & e

  8. Anonymous11:26

    That was a super busy day, do you like having Dickens to play with?
    Yuck edmonton is super cold i hear so that is good he didn't have to go with his dad!

    aww you are a good boy, don't worry!
    Gus likes to bark at the dog whisperer and dogtown but when i tell him to stop he goes and lays on the couch so he can watch! lol


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