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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The new laundry Hamper

Mum went to Ikea the other day. She came homes with this.

It was only $5.00 and is made of a silicone like plastics. She placed it in the laundry room and announced that me and my cat siblings have our own laundry hamper. With all this rains we have had Mum says I have gone through lots of towels. She said the hamper is to be shared by all 3 of us buts I have the most laundry.

On the weekend we went though my toy box. Mum said with Christmas coming we should throw out any broken and ripped toys and pass the ones I don't play with anymore onto a less fortunate dog. So we wents through my toys that are in my new toy area.

Here is a picture of my toy area for those who missed that blog post
(Tuni, see my toys from yous.... in the front on the floor. They are my favourites now)

Mum then collected all my toys that we decided to keeps and announced that they should be placed into the hamper for laundry day as they were dirty and smelly.

Here are my dirty toys in my new hamper.

I watched Mum, from the couch, go through my dirty toys. She sniffed each one to see just how smelly they were and if they were stinky enough to need a wash.

Here they are.... in the machine getting washed.

They are now nice and clean and dried from the dryer. I am ready for Santa Paws to bring me some new toys.

Speaking of which we put this up on the weekend.

We usually likes to help but Kizzy and Tika were off sleeping upstairs, Mum gave them too much catnip! And I had played hard at the beach in the afternoon that I started to help.....

Here I am helping with the tree stand. But I gots really sleepy and ended up doing this instead.

Mum thinks I looks like a seal when I sleeps like this.

When I woke up I saw that our pawkings were hung on the fireplace.

Mine is the one on the bottom, it has a pug on it. I am a bit concerned it may be too small for all my stuff from Santa Paws. Don't you thinks it looks a lot smaller then Kizzy and Tika's? Mum said not to worry if things don't fit Santa Paws will leave it under the tree.

This last picture is for Tuni. Looks where I put my stocking you gaves me.

Mum placed it on the bottom of the tree at my levels so I can see/sniff it whenever I wants to!


  1. Woo do look like a khute seal when woo sleep!


  2. Well is sure sounds like you are all ready for the new year with those clean toys and all.

  3. Anonymous08:10

    I need to go through the toys too, and see if any ambulatory care needs to be given lol.

    YES i remember last year!! I loved it. lol We never get snow like that and it was fantastic. If you go into my december archives i have quite a few picks, Surrey got a boatload :)

  4. I think washing your toys is probably a good idea. And it's so nice of your mom to take the toys you don't play with anymore and give them to doggies that don't have any toys to play with. So sweet!

  5. How nice of you to share your toys with other dogs. Mom washes our stuffies all the time because they get nasty when we drag 'em outside in the yard.

    Stella & Gunther

  6. hi winston!
    oh we LOVE IKEA! your mom got a great hamper!
    i know she is glad all of your toys are cleaned and sorted. that is how my mom would feel. me? i prefer them to be dirty and messy. :)

  7. Winston my puugers,

    You are such a sweetheart donating toys, we have so many ones we don't play withs. I asked my Mom to see if we can do the sames.

    I am so happys you like my toys. And you look like a super cute pug-seal sleepings on the couch, I loves it!

    Always yours,

  8. Winston! If you let mom wash your toys they will smell like AWFUL AWFUL FRESH FLOWERS! Quick buddy, chew through the mesh hamper! CHEW!

  9. Winston;

    You are such a good sotry teller. Your Mom is haed of the game, I haven't gotten a thing done yet for Christmas, except shopping.

  10. hi Winston
    Your story made us smile a lot!
    We thought it was fun that your toys was taking a bath in the washer getting all clean.
    And your very own hamper- wow- your mama is soooo organized.
    We loved all the pictures you shared
    I hope you are enjoying your clean toys

  11. Anonymous13:55

    Hi Winston,

    Boy, that certainly is a lot of activity that's been going on at your house! We don't blame you for napping!

  12. Hi Winston!

    You sure do have a lot of toys!
    That's so great of you to share
    some of them with others!
    Now you're all ready for
    Santa! Have a great

    -Dana & Penny


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