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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Birthday, Olympics coverage and the Medical problem solved!

Hello every puggy! I have lots to cover todays so it is a long posts!
Today I needs to tell you about Dickens. Yesterday was his birthday. He turned 8. I nows tell him he is a member of the "8 ball club" BOL. We had great birthday celebrations.
It started with a walk at Deer Lake with our Burnaby Pug Group. Of course I am growly mad at Mum as she was too, and I mean way too over excited, about the 2 little 3 month old pug puppies that came out (brother and sister) that Mum forgot to take pictures of us on our walkies! PFT, add a puppy to the group and Mum looses her focus! We do however have pictures of the party that happened afterwards.
Here are the pictures! Oh yeah and I had to explain to Dickens why Sequoia wasn't there! He didn't realize that Tuni and Sequoia lives so far aways.
Here it is.... the liver birthday cake!
Dickens making a wish.... probably wishing for Sequoia!
Me having my cake.... yummy!
Looks at my tongue sticking outs.... kinda like Tuni!
Dickens having his cake
Ah the after meal sleepiness! Here I am sitting with Dickens' Mum, she is wonderful I likes her lots
Ok so on to some olympic stats.
Every Puggy must check out Steve and Kat and Wilbur. They have their Olympic competitions going on, you should vote! They also came up to Vancouver to check out the Olympics. They posted pics on their blog.
So far Canada has 8 medals! 4 Golds, 3 Silvers and 1 Bronze. Yeahs!
And Mum and I mailed out the Olympic postcards (again Mum was too excited and forgot to take pictures of me mailing thems)
I have decided that the Winter Olympics just isn't for me, too colds and I don't like ice. I have decided to take up a sport in the Summer Olympics. Here I am practicing for the short distance dash!
Ok mum now you can have your turns! PFT she is a nag sometimes!
The medical issue resolved! Interdigital furuncles.
Thank you for all your comments in regards to this, we found them helpful. After some persistent searching on the internet that was triggered based on what Gen and the Foo suggested we found out what it is. I have attached links to a couple of sites. I am certain now this problem is caused from excessive digging and will have to watch him when he goes over board with his digging.
Ok Mum are you dones, and I don't goes overboard with digging! How embarrassing is this!
Well I just want to add .... happy Sunday Tuni, my luvs!
Thanks for stopping by every puggy!


  1. Hi Winston! You always have so much fun up there in Burnaby! I definitely need to make a trip up there so I can hang out with you.

    I'm so glad your medical issue has been resolved. It's no fun having tootsie issues. Now you just need to cool it with the digging, right?

    I can't wait to get my postcard. I already have a place picked out to hang it up.

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Winston;
    Mom was so happy her ideas helped you figure out the paw problem. She says it's really important to get this problem fully cured, or it can become chronic, so you might need to get to the vet. And quit diggin' Since dogs talk less than people and are usually cuter, she is considering a career change.
    peeS: that birthday party looked like lots of fun!

    Gen & the Foo

  3. Anonymous12:38

    You gots to have a birthday party at STARBUCKS?? How lucky is that! BTW - Happy Birthday Dickens! And yay for Canada winning all those medals.

  4. Oh Happy Sunday Winston! I love all the pictures and am glad you found outs what is up with your paws.

    Sequoia wants to say hi to Dickens and wish him a happy birfdays!

    Anyways enough with look so handsome eating cake with your tongue out.

    Pug hugs,

  5. Anonymous15:29

    Thanks! This helped a lot! I've read a couple
    rather confusing sites lately, this cleared up a lot confusion I had.

  6. OMD you cake was amazing!!!

  7. Winston! You got a bodacious Buddha belly goin' on there!

    Cool it on the diggin', okay? Don't want to hear you're hurtin' your feets...

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  8. Happy Birthday to Dickens!

    We looked at every pug we saw in Vancouver to see if it was you, but we don't think it was. You didn't happen to see two Siberians on Wednesday, did you? Vancouver was a lovely city and we'd like to go back. Mom is obsessed with trying to find on of those zip-up red Canada hoodies that everyone was wearing, so maybe we'll get back up there just to find one. She's been searching the internet.

    I think you're looking good for the track and field competition in London 2012 or Rio 2016!!


    PS. I like to dig too, so don't feel bad.

  9. Hi Winston!

    Tell Dickens that Penny and I said Happy Belated Birthday! We're so excited to hear you had the party at Starbucks! It looks like you
    had lots of delicious fun!

    Penny and I hope you have a
    great week!

    -Dana & Penny

  10. hi wionston!
    oh what a wonderful party! emmitt wants a liver cake too!
    we wished we lived closer to you. we would have so much fun!
    m & e


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