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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ok.... what is going on behind my fence?

Hi Every Puggy,

Well we went out to investigates what all the noise was behind my yard. It isn't anything excitings really. You see I lives right behind this campus..... BC Institute of Technology. (This is the front of the Institute.)

They have a huge parking lot and this parking lot is across the street from my yard. About a month agos I was out in the yard doing this.... chewing on my little tennis ball when I heard lots of banging and peoples across the street.

Mum tooks a picture from the yard.

Through the trees you can see the parking lot and some kind of building, a log house being built.
Well late in the nights a week later, we gotten woken up from talking and cars as people were out there doing something. Mum said it was directing car traffic training. I barked and barked but they did not stops. It was 3am and Mum was a little upset about the noise.

Mum discovered that the parking lot is being used as a transportation hub for busing people to Whistler for the Olympics. Cars are not allowed to drive into Whistler as this area is very smalls for all those cars. If you want to takes a car you need a special permit. There are lots of people in the parking lot now that the Olympics have started.

The other morning I went over to the campus for my usual walkies on the trail there and we ran into trouble at one of the exits to the trail!

Here is me approaching the end of the trail. We did the short trail this day as Mum needed to get home for her coffee. When I gots to the exit I couldn't goes anywhere!

See.... this was blocking my exit!!! I was super upsets about this.
Mum said not to worry we would just turn around and walk back the way we came. Here are some pictures from the trail.
I usually likes to stop here and get a drink on hot days. It is nice cool running water.

Here is the duck pond. Mum likes to stop and watch them in the spring when the ducklings are just hatched. I really am not interested but I always wait patiently for her while she looks at the ducks.

Here I am waiting patiently. See the parking lot in the background. It was starting to fill up with tourists. I don't know if you can see that person standing in the parking lot but she was super nice. She came running up to me very excited to see me. She said she luved pugs and wants to get one some day. Of course I was a true gentle pug and let her pets me forever. Mum had to apologize for my sheddings though! BOL.

Here is the log house that was built. It is an information booth for tourists waiting to load the buses.

I have to be super careful walking over here for the next little while until the Olympics ends. Lots of peoples, cars and buses. Here I ams heading across the street back to my house.

And one last picture of me on the trail!
I luvs this trail it is nice and quiet and a good place to place "chuck-it" ball.

Now on another subject, Mum is mailing outs the Olympic Post Cards tomorrow. We wrote them last nights! We just need stamps. And this morning Mum went into Vancouver to check out the venues for the Olympics. She is going to take me downtown to see the Olympic Flame. She left early this morning to beat the rush of people. I was doing this when she lefts.

Now this last part is for my Tuni. Looks on the table above me.... see it? I gots your picture and Mum framed it for me. We will post on our Valentine Cards a little later. I luvs my picture! Thank you Tuni.


  1. Oh Winston! You looks so comfy in your bed snuggled in a blanket, wish I could snuggles with you but you have my picture to keep you company.

    We hope those peoples behind your fence keep the noise down so you can gets your beauty sleeps.

    Pug hugs,

  2. Hi Winston!

    Penny and I received a Valentine card
    from you this morning, and we
    loved it! Thank you!

    All that commotion going on across
    your street would probably annoy Penny too. It seems exciting too at the same
    time! If nothing else, you'll be able to get some great photos and blog
    material with all the buses!

    Penny and I hope you have a
    great week!

    -Dana & Penny

  3. Hey Winston! We gots your card today too. Thanks bud. We loved it.

    So, like we would totally go and pee on all those bus tires. Drink a lot before your walk so you have a lot of ammunition. Can't believe those rat bastards would block your trail. The nerve!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  4. Winston
    YOU are living right in the midst of all this excitement for 2010!
    I am so jealous!

  5. Winston, it's too bad your walkies are being interrupted, but fortunately it's temporary. Please keep an eye out for any Pugistan atletes, OK?? Let us know if you spot any,

    Gen & the Foo

  6. Anonymous09:12

    You look very comfy in your bed! I was wondering where they were doing the buses for Whistler!

    My mom lives in langley and she said they have a ton of americans staying out there in hotels and stuff! Lots of big buses too.

  7. Winston! You are living in a wonderful event that brings the world together! Be really careful ok? Your bed looks comfy though!

    Pug love,

  8. Prepare to be admired down by the flame! Everyone wanted to take our pictures!



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