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Saturday, September 17, 2011

A bucket of Puppies!!

Hi everypuggy, Winston heres.

Today was the Burnaby Pug Meet Up.

Normally I am super excited about it. Meeting all my friends.
there was a bit of a surprise, that kinda put my and my friend's snouts outta joint
(specially Lola whoa, she was really peaved!).

So without further delay
I show you whats it was that was the talks of the meet today......

Tah Dah.....


My pug pals Jezabelle and Loki became parents about 9 weeks ago.
Today we gots to meet the little pups.

Mum and I greeted them right when we pulled into the parking lot.

Mum says "what is there NOT to luv abouts a bucket of pug pups"

This little guy "Alfie" is Mum's favourite.
 She says cuz he is the biggest one in the litter.
Kinda likes how I was.
His paws are bigs like mine were at that age.

All the peeps crowed around the pups and wanted to cuddle and holds them.
It was really ridiculous.....
us adult pugs got totally ignored!

A group of us tooks off to the other end of the field to hangs out and talks.

My pal Lola came overs.
She was NOT happy abouts the pups either.
She saids that it was silly that her Momma was not paying her any attention.

It got really outta control when the pups started getting sleepy.
The "ohhhing and awwing" that the peeps were doing..... 
it really was just too much!

Finally after abouts an hour, us adult pugs barged in and saids
"enough is enough".
"Hello peeps, what about US down heres".

That seemed to works......

Lola and I finally got a bit of well deserved attention!

Hamlet says "no way" to a new little brother!
"One older sister is enough, thank yous"

Looks at this.....
See them heres.....
The peeps just lost it over this.
All we heards was
"aw so cute"
"aw look at them piled  on each others"

PFT whatevers!

Oh the pictures and movies that were being taken.......
(see the one in the blue collar.... Mum's favourite big one!)

Gizmo got completely bored with all the puppy excitement and just crashed.

My friend Lola probably was very glad that the attention was back on HER once she left the meet up.
Does she look impressed?

Do I looks impressed?
How about Babette in the back there..... does she look impressed?

Well after abouts 2 hours of fussing over them..... they fell fast asleeps and we finally wrapped up the meet.

Mum did not leave with a new little sibling for me.
Like Lola, I thinks I like it when it is all abouts ME only......

although I will admit..... they are kinda cutes!

One Totally Ignored.....
Winston Wilbur


  1. Aww, Winston, you really do look irritated in that last photo of your cute self! Maybe you will get some extra treats for all of the neglect? But I think I have to agree with your Mum when she said "what's not to love about a bucket full of pug puppies!" Although, I will totally deny it if you tell anyone...and I'm not showing my mom this post so I don't end up with a new bro/sis! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. OOOOOHHHHHH My gosh!!!! That is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!!! I rescued my Lola when she was about 3 so I never got to see her as a little puggy baby!!!! I now am feeling a little cheated!!! I can't get over how cute they are!!! I would have taken the whole bucket! =)

  3. Awwwww!!! Mommy says that Puggies are some of the cutest pups!!!!!


  4. Our mom certainly is ooohing and awwwwing over those puppies! Adorable!

  5. It's a good thing Hu-mom wasn't there either. She would have come home with another puggie! We already have a houseful with the 2 of us puggies and 4 kitties!

    The basket of puggies are sooooo cute and sweet. I bet the even smelled good. thanks for sharing your experience. You guys really did look bored.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  6. Very cute. But they're kind of like grandchildren. Fun to play with, but they can go home with someone else.

  7. Puppies are super cute, pug puppies even cuter! Mom says that she likes to look at them but is happy to see them go home. We kept mom on her toes when we were that little so she's not going to have puppies in the house until she's retired!

  8. hee hee, they look like sleek lil' baby black piggies to us Cats...hee hee!

  9. Hola Winston!!
    We had to sent our Mamma out of the Room, she was all Crazy for the Puggies!!, We have to admit they were Cute but you are much Cuter!! Even though you were ignored, we hope you had extra Mccheesy Burger on the way Back!! Ohh we can still hear our Mamma ooooing about the Puppies!!
    Spongy & Licky
    Hi Five from Patrick!

  10. Pfft Winston those pups have nothing on you...I mean come on you are so much cuter and you play chuck it, don't pee in the house and are a great listener. I agrees no pups her...Emma was sure eyeballing them though...maybe she thought they were snacks.


  11. OMD! HOW CUTE! Mommy is shocked that you do not have a little brother after all that cuteness ;)
    Maddy and Owen

  12. Ohhhh Winston! I think that you are even cuter than those puppys any day! You look really sad in the last photo of you, like you have had enough and want to go home for cuddles! I know its so bad being ignored but the last photos of the puppys sleeping looks really snuggly and cute!! You should have taken one home to play with!! Lots of Love and (P)ugs Frank XXXXXXXXX

  13. OOOOO....MMMMMM.....GGGGGGGG!!!!! That is the cutest thing EVER!!!

    Mom keeps squealing about all the little black puppies. Oy....thanks a heap, dude!!!!

    Now I'M neglected too! Great.


  14. oh my gosh!
    this is the cutest pug meet up EVER!
    the pug puppies in a bucket ~ oh my gosh!

    * Archie has taken over the typing*

    my mom is still squeaking over here and has not quite recovered yet.

    winston... when these little guys are bigger, we must ivites them into the fire hydrant group!

    we can get them to do all of our errands for a day. :)
    That will teach them for stealin' the show today and then they will be part of the family!

    tee hee!

  15. Winston you are WAY cuter than those puppies! I would choose you over them any day!! Mum said she would have come home with the whole bucket of them because she loves pugs soooooo much and wants to get a black pug for a brother or sister for me but so far I have stopped her because I like to have all the attention for myself and being the only pug in the family I get very spoiled! It looks like everyone had a good day tho, the humans may have been loving those cute pups but you got to play with your pug friends! Love, pHUGS and high paws from Frank x x x x x

  16. Oh my goodness, those are some incredibly cute puppies. The sleeping photos are the best. Mom LOVES puppies, she cant get enough of them. How did you resist taking one home

  17. Winston
    I understand how you feels,, but that bucket of puppies is adorable.
    And I think you and all those puggies together looks like so much fun,, I wish I was there.

  18. Anonymous11:43

    Winston- it's just you and me, man. We've got to stick together to keep these PUPPIES out of our houses!


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