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Monday, September 19, 2011

A Fetish aboard a Pirate Ship

Grrr Arrrr Ahoy Matey.....
Did you knows that today is "talks like a pirate" day?

Grrr arrrr I just found outs from my blogging friends!
Let's hoist the sails and set a course.......
As Captain of this ship I may haves an obsession with the needs to have a parrot on my shoulder buts.....
one of our crew members has an obsession with the most bizarre item......

As  Captain of this Pirate ship it is my duty to expose this crew member.

Grrr arrrrr let's talk about my collar today.

A certain crew member has a fixation with its.


I gots pictures to proves it....

"Oh hey look Winston's collar!"

 "Oh yeah, that nice smell of leather and dog fur"

 "I love way it eels when I lie and roll on it"

"Ah the clinking of the dog tags is music to my ears"

 "Hey watcha y'all looking at,
can't a crew member have any privacy?"

There you have it mateys!
Proof that this crew member has a strange fetish.
How embarrassing for me and my crew......

lower the gang plank and toss her off!

Ship Captain
Winston Wilbur


  1. Awwwww!! You make a cute mickey mouse!

  2. The mom just loves that last photo. :-)

    Belated happy meow/woof like a pirate day. We didn't even do a post for it--we have a slacker mom. At least you made it and did one, Winston!

  3. Arrrrr...we celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day every year! Mom even changed her language on Facebook to English Pirate yesterday.

    Great pics.

  4. Anonymous06:05

    Garrrrrr, Captin Winston! Y'er a mighty fine lookin' pirate there, me handsome matey.

    Oh, wait. Mama tells me it's all over, and I have to talk like a regular pug now.

    Baf! Baf! ...stupid mama....

  5. I love those ears!! Fantastic. Really.


    Minnie Moo

  6. Winston, oh, I mean Captain Winston, that pirate picture of you is so funny! You even have a "grrr" expression! I have to agree that Kizzy's infatuation with your collar is a bit odd, but she's my sunflower sister, so I stand by her!

  7. Anonymous08:41

    Yous guys!
    Me does "things" with the Hairy Slobbery Sisters' collars too.

  8. Mommy is CRACKING up...we don't get it.

  9. Arrrgg me matey Winston that crew member is crrrrazzy.

    arrrgg hugs

  10. You look just like Capn Jack Sparrow! Dreamy! But you look cleaner. Probably smell better, too.

  11. hi winston!
    oh my gosh!
    your post made our whole day!
    too cute!


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