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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A present from Mum

Hello everypuggy,

Winston heres.
Just yesterday Mum came home and was super excited.
She gots a present for me!!!

Here in this cool paw print bag is somethings for me!

Oh wow! Oh what could it be?
I hope it is some yummy treats
oh boy delicious tasty treats.........

um, what is this Mum?

Oh, a beanie cap. Just likes some of my pug friends have gots.....

Where are the treats Mum?

No treats..... just a hat......
You want me to put it ons!

There happy Mum? This better not makes it onto Facebooks!

I ask you all this...
Do I looks thrilled abouts this gift?

I thinks Mum was way more excited than me!

Next times..... go with the treats Mum, not a hat!!!

Winston Wilbur


  1. Hi Winston,

    I think you look cute in the beanie!


  2. I love the beanie cap! It looks great on you and I bet Tuni is going to love you in it.
    I can't believe your mum didn't buy you any treats but I guess she spent all the treat money on the cap!


  3. Aw man, Winston! You got a hat and not treats...that is not fair at all. You do look extra cute in the beanie, but it's not eatable. Tell your mum that you deserve a treat for posing in your hat so nicely!

  4. WINSTON>>>>>>> We loves your hat! Oh I really think you look pawsome in that whirly hat. Maybe you can give it a whirl and head south to me!


  5. Winston
    Are you kidding? You hat is adorable on you!
    Do you know how cute you are?
    I know everyone of your friends will love it!
    Oh Winston,,, now you can fly like a helicopter!

  6. Oh dear Winston, I can tell you that my Mom is more excited that you too. She wants to get one for Sluggo soooo bad, even though she knows he'll only wear it for a nanosecond!
    You do look quite cute in the hat though. Maybe it could be a good thing. I more like the look on your face before you looked in the bag. There was still hope!

  7. Hola Winston & Chicas!!
    La Mamma is going Crazy she want's one for Patrick!!! She going all Gaga over you she say you look adorable and very Macho Man!!!
    But you deserve extra extra treats specially because we saw a picture on Facebook!!!
    Spongy & Licky
    Hi Five from Patrick!!

  8. Oh, you look so adorable in the little beanie! I have been wanting one too, but my head might be too small.

  9. Hi! I'm Frank a Pug/King Charles Cavalier mix from Wales (UK) and my Mum makes me dress up in all kinds of crazy outfits! Come see my blog and check me out last Halloween, I was a pumpkin! I think that your hat is really cute and you look really cheeky in it like a cute ickle school pug! You look amazing!!!!! Frank XxX

  10. While you look smashing in the hat Winston, I really think your momma should have gone with the treat!!!



  11. lol winston!
    you and your mum have made our whole week!

    we LOVE your hat beanie!

    all the better to zoom with!

    up up and away!

    a & m

  12. Aw man, dude...sorry about that fruity hat!

    Did mom get you a "KICK ME" sign to go with it?

    Sheeesh...the crap we do for these crazy moms!

    Good luck, man!



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