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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Green Stubby Report..... World Rivers Day

Hi everypuggy,

Did you knows that today was World Rivers Day?
Oh how proud Stubby must be when he looked down and saw us celebrating our Rivers.

Today I went across the street to the Institute of Technology campus grounds where there was a big Rivers Day event.

Grab you boots and come alongs.....

When I gots there the sky was threatening more rains! So we checked outs the Farmer's Market first, just cuz there wasn't much coverage in case it poured rains.

OMP looks..... fresh LOCAL fruits and veggies!

Right nears the market area was the First Nations peoples. They were showing hows they live off the land using only what they needs.......

They were smoking salmons that people could taste

Wow it smelled so goods!
Mum said that we didn't need to eats any food as we just had lunch.

Next we headed to the tented areas to check outs the exhibitors
OWL was there!
OWL stands for Orphaned Wildlife.

They rescue birds and rehabilitates them back into the wild.
Some birds have injuries that affect their survival in the wilds.
These birds are kept at the sanctuary permanetly.

This falcon is blinds in one eye and this affects it's depth perception making it unable to survive in the wild.

 This little owl has some mild brain damage so it can't survive in the wild either.

Mum and I were happy to see this exhibtor. They do good works for the wild birds and birds play an important part in our rivers.

Next we hit the salmon exhibit.
Earlier in the day they released fish into the creek right on the campus.
It was so interesting to learns abouts all the salmon and how important they are to our rivers.
Here is a display of the cycle of the baby salmon from egg to fry!

Right next to that was the Turtle exhibit. The western turtle is endangered.
I sometimes see these turtles when I visit Burnaby Lake or Deer Lake right nears my home. They can be founds sunning themselves on the rocks in the sun.
I couldn't believe my ears when I heards they are endangered!!

While I looked at a display of fake turtle eggs I asked how come they are endangered. The man saids that city growth destroyed their habitat. He saids that we have areas that are protected  but the problem they face now is off leash dogs. Dogs upset the eggs and kill them before they hatch.

See this stuff heres.
Well this is the Port of  Vancouver exhibit.
The red tube is a special cable that connects to cruise ships that enables the ship to run off city hydro while in port. This helps keep the environment cleaner. Princess Cruise lines us this cable everytime they are in port in Vancouver.

The wire of rocks is a VERY small example of the very large ones that are placed along ther waters edge near the ports. This helps to keep the waters edge more inhabitable for wildlife by preventing the shores from deteriorating by the docking ships.

There was a music stage set up. I stopped to listen for a bits but it just opened ups and poured rains, so I headed homes.

This big sculpture was at the entrance to the creek area.
The eagles are created using real plants!

I learned so much abouts all the things that rely on our rivers.
This little creek on the campus is home to so many things, I had no ideas until today.

As I lives right across the street from the campus I can visit this creek everyday.
I now have much more respect of this creek than I did befores.

What did you do to celebrate your Rivers today?

Until my next Green Stubby Report....
Keep it Green folks,

Winston Wilbur


  1. Anonymous05:50

    That looks so cool, Winston! Maybe mama will take me to something like that here. Too bad you couldn't eat any salmon. I eat some every day, but mama says it gives me fishy breath.

  2. Goodness, Winston, I didn't know it was Rivers Day. But I'm glad you had such a great time! And to think that the events were dog-friendly, how cool! Thanks for taking us with you and including us in your celebration!

  3. Winston
    That was a nice walk through Burnaby. We have a small river in San Jose, the Guadalupe, which has received a lot of TLC lately. I still see people leaving trash and shopping carts in it, though. Sad to see that kind of disrespect. Rivers are so vital to our environment.
    Our City has a River exhibit with the annual pumpkin patch downtown. It is a great place to learn about the delicate ecosystem.
    Love Noodles

  4. How cool that you got to celebrate World Rivers Day! It sounds like you learned a lot and found some groups that do good work. I'm sure Stubby is looking down and is so happy you're sharing all this with everyone!

  5. Hi Winston
    I did not know it was River Day, but do you know what? I went to a river on Sunday and it was beautiful. Smoke from the forest fires drifted around but the river traveled on its way.
    Your day and your post is beautiful. I loved to see all the things you shared.
    I am happy those disabled birds and owls have safe places to live and people to care for them.
    I know its also important to care for our rivers.

  6. Wow, you got to see alot of cool stuff!

    Keeping it Green...

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  7. Hola Winston!!
    You are a Lucky Pug, what a great day you had!!!
    and we learned so much!!
    Spongy,Licky & Patrick

  8. Hi Winston! I didn't know it was Rivers Day either. I wonder if we celebrate it in the States.

    Anyway, it looks like you had a pawsome time celebrating. Momma just knows that Stubby is smiling down on all the good work you're doing for Mother Earth. He was always so proud of you and still is today, just like we are.

    Those owls look so cool. Momma has only seen an owl in the wild once and she will never forget it. And of course, Momma loves those turtles!

    I'm keeping it green!



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